Trainerroad used by Norwegian triatlhon squad?

Am I seeing it right or the norwegians beasts was using a TR workout for RUN?!
Whats happening here?



Could they be beta testing a new feature?

It looks a bike workout.

Stryd power data + TR? Who knows!

Quote from the strava post:
“Yes, we have a custom TrainerRoad workout paired up with a Stryd. But we still control the treadmill manually. So the bigscreen is more of a stopwatch so athlete and trainer knows when the breaks are without needing to speek. Keeps things running more smoothly.”


This is super interesting, I have been looking for that kind of setup, Zwift run is too complicated!

Me too! I have no interest in running (or cycling!) in a virtual world, but TR for running could edge me closer to getting a treadmill!


If Trainerroad could provide something similar to what it has for cycling with running it would be a complete game changer, there just isn’t enough being done with running and power at the minute. I remember a few years ago DCRainmaker said it was going to be the next big thing but I asked him about it on a forum post on here and he said it wasn’t really going anywhere.


I think there’s a chicken and the egg problem there. There aren’t nearly enough people running with power to justify the investment by TR or whatever company. It took a while for power meters to be widely adopted, and a while longer still to have these platforms for training with them (though the growth of tech is hard to separate there, I imagine second half would come quicker this time around).

Even the promotional materials for them seem really unpersuasive. I think the potential is massive, but I don’t see people marketing them to be used the way a pm is used in cycling. Long time runners are going to be hesitant. The only group I can see as early adopters might be cyclists transitioning to triathlon.

I doubt running to power will ever become popular because well you can find a flat piece of land to run on fairly easy.

Out my door running the easiest loop I can manage is about 130 feet per mile up average. If I drive to the flat part of town it’s about 60. People live in hilly areas.

But even on flat ground a pm would be awesome for testing, especially on a track. Two miles at x watts in these shoes, then those shoes. Which am I faster in? Plus even on flat ground conditions vary. No one trains by speed on a bike, because sometimes 250 watts gets you 30mph with the wind, or 10mph against it. Same with running on varying terrain/weather/etc. maybe to a lesser degree but still a significant one.

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Maybe it’s just a mod of the app

Your guess is correct. What you see is my TrainerRoad (TR) account in use, where I have developed multiple protocols to test and analyse their power, capacity, etc. They also use their own computers / watches so I can log additional data for the analysis together with separate metabolic data - that I have to merge post test.

I use TrainerRoad as is, using Stryd when running, but controlling the treadmill manually. During bike tests, we use their own bikes on Tacx Neo 2T.
I started using TrainerRoad with them after Rio Olympics to make the work in the lab a bit smoother - as stated by probably Gustav.
There is of course alot more I would like for TrainerRoad to support, like PerfPro and Golden Cheetah does, but the TrainerRoad platform despite its limitations for my use just makes it easier.

Hopefully Nate or Chad is reading this and are willing to incorporate support for some more data collections in TrainerRoad :wink:

Sports Scientist & Olympic Coach (together with a great coach team) for these monsters.

Best regards,
Olav Aleksander Bu


@chad @Nate_Pearson

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This is really cool! What else do you need from us? I can’t promise anything, but it would be good to get the info.


Hi Nate and thanks for your reply.

Concerning features that would allow us to even further streamline our work in the Olympic Federation and Olympic Teams; if you prefer, we could schedule a Skype call or something and have a chat about it?

It boils down to having possibility to connect a few more bluetooth / ant+ sensors such as VO2 Master, Moxy Monitor, including two separate power sources (not power match - I need the 1s moving delta), etc. The analytical tool for post workout analytics would also be great to make some small adjustments too.

Let me know what you prefer :slight_smile:



Seeing this discussion happen points to some really exciting future triathlon improvements for TR. Hopefully this gets implemented and rolled out for all users, especially with the future TR triathlon challenge!


Email me and let’s do a call.