TR App "Next Workout" behavior [Feature Request]

Maybe it’s me, but…

When we now open the TR app (Win or iOS both behave the same), we’re in the “Performance” view by default, reminding me my name, how ridiculously low my FTP is, how fat I am, and what pitiful W/kg results. Then, the app shows the next workout on your schedule. So -

Say it’s Thursday, and you have nothing programmed today, but you’ve got Tallac tomorrow. Tallac shows up as your next workout, of course. Click on it, and load it. Then do the workout. I would expect the app to realize I’ve just moved my Friday workout to Thursday, and roll with it. That’s not what happens. Tallac gets duplicated, and still shows on your calendar for Friday. If you delete the Friday instance, the calendar for that week gets quite confused, thinking you’ve done more hours and more TSS than planned, since you deleted part of the plan. Potentially the confusion extends to AT, no clue if it does or not.

Is my expectation (do the next workout = move it rather than add it) wrong, or is the app implementation wonky?

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Ive noticed the same issue. Not sure how it affects AT. Ive also noticed the picture of the workout I do out of the regularly scheduled order shows up as blurred for some reason. If I move the workout using the Calendar on my ipad or computer I dont run into these issues but I tend to use my phone for TR workouts and moving workouts in the Calendar isnt an option on the iphone app.

This is an old bug that has been visible on iOS for more than a year - killing and restarting the app loads the workout results correctly. It’s now also happening in Win10, and indeed was associated with the “added” workout.

From a user experience point-of-view, I would think its better to be asked “This workout is scheduled for tomorrow, do you want to move it to today?” and then take care of that, exactly as you wrote.

If you respond “no” then it should double down on the warnings, based on how that might impact AT, before allowing you to proceed.

Without giving it much thought thats what I would want. Support date changes either behind the scenes, or more explicitly by stating "I’ll take you to the calendar view, please move the workout to today (and possibly explain that by doing so Adaptive Training will not be impacted, or some such language).

iOS l, this is how it shows on mine;
next workout : Tuesday, October 26

I could see how you might not notice but I don’t see an issue personally.

I see the date - and obviously I’m sitting on the trainer on the “wrong” day. So as @bbarrera also says, I expect if I select tomorrow’s workout, it’s on purpose. And the app could ask “are you moving tomorrow’s workout, or adding it?”, rather than just doubling it. The probability of a user starting the “next workout” to move it is high, to double it is low. The app defaults to the low-probability side now.

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Another way to avoid confusion is for the app to show:

Today 26 Oct Tomorrow 27 Oct
Rest Day Tallac

along with questioning the user if they do something unexpected.


Thanks for the notes, all! Passing this along to the team for sure. Much appreciated!

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While I normally wouldn’t hold up TrainingPeaks iPhone app as the pinnacle of user experience, I do prefer the default view. It starts with:

  • name

while TR starts with:

  • name
  • FTP, weight, W/kg

I prefer TP’s view.

Scrolling down I see:

I moved today’s workout to Thursday to show what I see in the scenario you laid out (no workout today. Thursday and Sunday have no cycling but 30 minutes of hip/core/breathing work.

Consistency is the cornerstone of endurance training, and I like having my next A event on that page. And its one tap to see all upcoming events:

Good for motivation IMHO, as consistently putting down 5 workouts/week sometimes requires reminding myself of why I do it LOL, and how soon it is coming which I mentally translate into 4 week blocks of training.

The TR web Career view is very very nice however I desperately want to move PLs down to bottom (moving up Current Week, Events, and Recent Workouts. Sadly the TR iOS app’s Career view is somewhat barren, and IMHO for most of the year there is too much visual attention given to FTP, weight and W/Kg. Because after initial newbie gains, or coming off a proper off-season (or injury) those are mostly static in my experience. Some will argue those are primary goals, rather than events, and I’d agree and ideally the app would allow configuring the layout.

This is getting a bit into athlete psychology, and if someone finds motivation by being process focused, event focused, metric focused, etc. From what I posted above its clear I’m motivated by events and prefer quick access to events over certain fitness metrics.