Online Calendar V. App Calendar

New to TR today. I downloaded the app to my Mac and did the ramp test just to figure out how my Quarq Dzero would work with my mag trainer and work out any misunderstandings on my end. Everything seems really good so I downloaded the General Build plan followed by the Rolling Road plan and added them to the online calendar. Do the daily workouts of the respective plans automatically show up when I open the app? I ask because while I can see the planned workouts online I can only see the current day on the app calendar. Thx!

Hey Landis!

Unfortunately, the Mac application has been giving us some trouble, and we are still working on bringing full Calendar functionality to Mac. What you should be able to see in the Calendar portion of the app is the next 5 scheduled rides. Since you are only able to see one ride, I would recommend refreshing your application in order to pull the the rides from the website and into the app.

We’re really sorry about the temporary inconvenience. We are working hard to get the app to the point where any and all prescribed Calendar Workouts (past, present or future) are pulled into the application.

If you continue to have trouble getting the Mac App to work properly, just let me know and I will have a Support Agent reach out to you.



Thanks and no worry. As long as tomorrows scheduled workout populates that’s all I’m after.

EDIT: @Bryce just an Fyi…the app populated all the workouts in the plan after logout/login…

I’m using the app on a Mac laptop and for the past week or so I’ve been seeing “ghost numbers.” What I mean by that is when cadence goes over 100 and then drops back down the third digit sticks around. For instance, cadence goes to 105 then I drop down to 98 what I’ll see is 985. I have also experienced this with my power at the end of an interval when recovery is the next segment. For instance, power sprint to 418 w then drop down to recover at 88w and I’ll see 888. Is this just my issue or is it something others are having and you’re aware of it.

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Hey Chris,

This is not something that I’ve heard of, would you mind reporting this to our Support Team at They have procedures in place that help us record, track, and replicate bugs like this so that we can resolve them as quickly as possible.



I have the same ghost digits since a week of two or so. I will also contact support.

That’s strange. I can see my entire calendar on my Mac app, till the end of my current training plan.

@deepakvrao I reloaded the app and the entire plans shows now as well.

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I am hijacking this thread as the subject line fits for me but my comments are a bit different.
I am somewhat aware of the things being worked on for the calendar but I am not sure if this has been mentioned so I wanted to express one of my wishes.
That is when you click on a workout that you have NOT done in the mobile app, it opens up and tells you about the workout, what zone, description, goals, variants, … I think this still useful to me being new to biking and trainer road and easy to access from the app.
However, to load new workouts, make changes, … I know I have to go to a browser on my phone and log into my account. Once into the calendar, if I click on the same future workout, all that opens is a window indicating the workout and the date that I can change. But I no longer see the details and specifics of the ride. If I click on the image of the ride a new window opens up where I can see the details and variants of the ride. I find this information useful to know what kind of a workout it is and if I have to swap it out because it is too long I know more about what kind of a workout I am looking for.

I am using the training plans for now as I like the pre set schedule it creates vs me trying to figure out which workout to do each time. However, I often have to make changes which is a hassle as you can’t do it in the app. I have to move workouts to different days and I have to shorten most workouts as I don’t usually have more than 45 min per ride during the week (except for Tuesdays). Sometimes for the 90 min rides on the weekends I also need to edit that down or find a different workout that is only 60 min. I also heard this week there is a new algorithm going into affect that will affect our performance ratings I think so I would rather choose a 45 min ride and complete it vs dropping out of an hour ride at the 45 min mark.

Hopefully what I am saying makes sense and maybe I just have to be more patient for all the updates to come through in the app, however, having to log into a computer or my account through the browser on the phone is a real hassle especially when I am just trying to get a quick workout in when I barely have time for a 45 min spin.

My first world problems.

Had the same issues. All sorts of issues with the Mac desk top.

I’ve changed to my iPad and haven’t had the same problems. However, my power meter will drop out or doesn’t work unless I’m on top of the iPad.

Thus, switched to virtual power and kept moving. I believe the drop outs are my power meter given the others sensors don’t drops out.

@vanbc, pretty much everything you mention is coming. The goal is to make the mobile app function very closely to the web interface.

I won’t be surprised if there are a few differences in the end, but we should have all the functions you mentioned.

I don’t see anything “new” that hasn’t already been stated for planned implementation.

thank you @mcneese.chad.
Keep up the awesome podcast and great to see you all active in the forum, really makes a difference and is much appreciated.


For clarity, I am “the other Chad”. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The real Coach Chad Timmerman is @chad on the forum and he does post here too.

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