TR 2020 Running Thread

I would agree, though I also find it varies significantly within even a single brands lines. I wear 10.5 in street/dress and in Nike for example:
11 in OG Turbo & Turbo 2
11 in Terra Kiger
11.5 in Peg 36/36
11.5 in Vaporfly & Alphafly (even with the wider box of the Alpha, it’s the length that pushes me out of 11’s here)

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agree. My Reeboks are slightly big for me… I bought 9, and probably 8.5 was the correct size

What you guys think about the new adidas adizero pro?

legit or pretender?

I’m a huge Hoka fan - 1600 miles in various models this year on road and trails.

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Ha! I hope I love them too, had a pair on order since the weekend, due tomorrow or Thursday. Hope they size as per all other shoes I’ve ran. 9.5UK 44EUR.

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They are wider than most shoes. So they REALLY fit true to size.

Hard to say w/out giving them a test run or two or three. Were any of the Adidas athletes wearing them at London?

Workout #11 and 1 more left. Pacing was nearly perfect this time and still had gas left over to hit the gym 45min later. Not ideal but that’s how the schedule landed.

3x20min @5:59,5:59, and 5:57 /mile

edit: also wanted to add the load from the last few days. Workout 10 was on Thursday, Friday off due to driving, Saturday - Hincapie GF (6th overall so I wasa tired), Saturday off, Monday- 6miles E


I loved my Adidas Adios 3s (two pairs), currently running in the 4s and Sub 2s. So I’d definitely give these a try especially since they are $50 cheaper than the Nikes.

It’s weird I’ve always stayed away from Nike until I came across a pair of Zoom Streak 6s on clearance and fell in love with that shoe. I’ve had several pairs but they only last about 300 miles before the upper starts tearing.

About 4 years back I was trying just about any shoe I could get discounted. Anything from Altras to Newtons and in the end I find Adidas and Nike to be some of my favorites depending on the pace.

I was not dising adidas… Because, well this is my current adidas shoes on rotation.
Adios 2, adios 3, Boston 8 and Takumi SEN. I love them all. So I am an adidas fanboy…


are you making your own training plan or are you following one ? Your workouts look great and would be interested to follow a similar one

Making my own currently. These workouts are part of a 6-week block, where you do a three interval workout and a two interval workout per week. Your work time is the same, and then increases by 6 minutes each week. So you will start with 3x 10, and 2x15. Progress to 3x12, and 2x18, etc.

The pace is somewhere around half marathon to threshold pace. For a lot of folks threshold is way too intense for this amount of work time, so backing off a bit helps and that is something like 98% of threshold. And I define threshold by doing a time trial, and calculating the VDOT value according to Jack daniels’s book. I’ve actually been running faster than what my plan has been calling for which was about 6:08 per mile, but it seems sustainable.

Will be implementing in Jack Daniel’s marathon plan after I bring up the easy volume after this block.


I had the orange and black too. Loved that shoe!

What do you think of the Takumi SEN?

It’s a fantastic shoe. Love it to death. I have use it up to 9 mile races. I would probably not use it for anything longer. It’s my exclusive race shoe. I haven’t use it this year tho!

I was lucky to get it on sale, for like 100. It’s almost impossible to get in the us. If you can you should. But reserve for races. Life is on the short aide… probably less than 250 miles

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Thats awesome thank you for getting back to me. Will look at doing a similar sort of block. Any thoughts of what block you will do after.

So I’d like to sustain 40+mpw (hopefully 50) )within the next 4-5 weeks. I’ve been floating between 30-40 lately all while swim and bike has taken a major backseat. So I’ll be bringing in more focus there too.

Long run is at 12miles currently when I can get it done, but I want 12 miles to feel ‘easy’ for the legs. and want my LR up to around 16-17miles

At the moment I am doing the Stronglifts program 3x week. currently week 3 and plan to get to 8-10 weeks. So I definitely don’t want a TON of intensity until then. This block has been hard enough.

So Jack Daniels Running formula has a few marathon plan options. Last winter I went thru the 2Q session/week plan made great gains to run fitness. I was prepping for an April marathon that eventually got cancelled. Though I was super fatigued, so I may move over to his 5week cycle plan which has the quality sessions every 4-5 days. This way I’m not cramming in 2 quality sessions in 7 days.

I’m either doing a solo marathon or DC Rock n Roll super early spring, as a prep for Ironman Tulsa. I want at least 8weeks apart.


what type of bike and swim volume are you doing at the moment alongside the increase in running volume. I think I am going to do a run focused block. Not sure how I should try and maintain the bike and swim ? will you be trying to run the 50mpw and the bike and swim volume ?

With it being “end of season” and lack of mativation I’v been swimming 2 ish times a week. and maybe up to 3x for the bike. I let my Tower26 subscription lapse and will be rejoining mid november.

Over the spring and summer I was averaging 1000TSS week
Over the winter I will complete Long Distance base low volume to allow room for S/R
And I will be swimming 4x a week come mid november.


Last winter I ran 40-50mpw swam 5x a week and rode 3x a week.