TR 2020 Running Thread

I do 200s regularly but not in a sprint format. More the 200 on/200 off variety just to stay sharp. I did 20 x 100 about a month ago, true sprint style, for the first time in forever and was completely torched for a couple days. Doesn’t really hurt until the end and at that point you already know it’s too late :rofl:. If you’re not used to true sprint work ease in and watch the intensity in the surrounding days. If you do it right you’ll feel like you’re hauling cinder blocks around for a day or two after. The key is the rest interval in between. Because you want each rep to be a true all out effort absolute rest is important in between. And it wouldn’t be unheard of to hurl after either. Total rest the day after is a good idea the first few times til your body starts adjusting to the work.


Now that’s the kind of fun I’m talking about, hurling after intervals :joy: Thanks for the tips!

I got the impression from somewhere that sprinters dont run much, at least compared to what most endurance runners consider run volume. I assume theres a fair bit of strength work though.

From the Boston thread.

How does everyone structure their running? I feel like compared to my cycling and lifting there is an awful lot less specific goals for a given workout/week/season. Curious how folks with different goals put objectives and progress markers around their running. Without races its super hard to measure real progress so I think I need to find process goals to tide me over, looking for ideas.

Right now I ride a low volume plan, lift heavy 4 days per week, run 3 days with 1 day off everything.
Monday v02max AM, lower body lifting lunch
Tuesday tempo run AM, upper body lifting lunch
Wed Off
Thursday sweet spot am, lower body lift
Friday easy run, upper body lift
Sat over/under longer ride
Sun long run

This comes to about 11 hours per week. 3.5 bike, 3.5 run and 4 lifting. I could probably add more hours to both running and cycling but I am not sure I could recover from it. When I feel like I am no longer making progress I will add some time.

Do you set specific progress goals for your running? Do you do faster stuff or keep the fast stuff on the bike? How have you been measuring without races? What does your week look like? Has anyone messed with periods of way less volume in 1 to push the other? If so do you think over the year you made more total progress in both than if you kept it even all the time?

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Been following the 5k training plans from Pete Magill book - Fast 5k.
Been really good - most training plans are for longer distances…or plans for 5k are beginner plans. This one is specific for 5k which are my aim (along with 10k max).

My PB was stuck at 18:54 for about 6-9 months with few around that time.

Followed this plan for the last 7 weeks and today went to do a 5k time trial flat out. Wanted a 18:45, thoughts if had perfect day might get a 18:30… so couldn’t believe I got 17:54 - huge PB by exactly 1 minute. Still totally shattered but pleased.


Bit random, but I just ran a sub 3 hour marathon and BQed for the first time this past weekend! 2:56:50, so 3:10 under the cutoff which SHOULD be enough to race Boston 2022 unless the deferrals from this year push down the standards needed to race. I’m not a naturally talented runner and have fallen apart in the 2nd half of my prior marathons, so I’m super pumped!

Kinda funny how running really wasn’t on the radar this year (after doing tris with a little bike and running racing the last 3 years). Main goal was to upgrade categories on the bike and place top 10 at big fondos in the SE like Mitchell, BSG, etc. Ended up running a lot once covid hit and I was doing all solo, structured training. When running races started popping up 2 months ago, figured I would try to BQ again as my running (and overall fitness) is as good as it’s ever been.


I’ve been quietly training for this pretty much since Outlaw Nottingham was confirmed cancelled:

Weather isn’t looking fantastic, but I reckon I might get it done :slight_smile: I’m number 417. I was following the Runners World 50 mile plan with some cycling sprinkled on top.


I’ve been following MAF since I was really ill at the start of the year. I still have a dodgy chest now, so can’t really push past LT1 , so I have found it a god send.

Plus, since starting MAF I have found I can run much more frequently without getting injured.

Although trying to run <=125bpm was a comical experience to start with :laughing: :turtle:

Did my first workout in the Whoop x Tracksmith study today. Overall not very impressed with the training plan but today’s workout was ok. 10 x 90” on 90” off. Prescribed as % Max HR which is a weird way to train to me (unless you’re doing MAF) ended up slower than I would typically do these which was actually fine since I’m coming off being sick.

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Good luck!

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Another week down and 1 week to go
Monday workout was 3x18 Felt good for the first 2. Stomach was bothering me and was not going to risk running 15min away from a bathroom so cut it to 2x18 instead. The following day on my 1hr run I did a 3x800 at 5k pace to get some more intensity for the week.

Today was 2x27. Ill just let the splits tell you how this one felt.
1 @ 5:53/mi
2 @ 6:00/mi
Even set an all time best 10mi time. Last time I ran this distance at speed was a HM 18 months ago.

1 more week to go.


What is a good running shoe for a beginner? Preferably available at Dicks Sporting Goods as I have a gift card I need to use lol

Also, how should they fit? I usually buy shoes a tad big as my right foot seems to get bigger when riding or running. Not sure if that’s normal or not.

Totally personal. To be honest comfort is no.1 priority. Get the pair that feel most comfy. My running shoes are the comfiest shoes I own!


Basically any shoe you have! The great thing about running is you can just walk out the door and go…

If you’ve settled into running regularly I would just go with a standard like Asics GT-2000 or Nike Pegasus, I’m sure the other brands have their “go to” model too. Both do Wide versions.

I would not worry about the technical elements of shoes until you are ‘into’ running, and even then, most of it is guff.


Ah the optimism of, er, several days ago. Developed a knee niggle about 20km in. Eventually slowed me down enough that I was close to cutoff at the half way aid station. Thought I might not make the next one so called it a day. I managed an off-road marathon in not-the-best weather, mind :slight_smile:

I’ve chatted to some clubmates and we’ve come to the impossible to prove, probably bro-science conclusion that my straining my lower back last Monday (moving boxes) changed a bunch of small things in my running gait that resulted in a tight IT band.

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Fit should be comfy - no need to be fitted tight, you’re not doing changes in direction, you’re just running. These ain’t ski boots. I take a half point longer than I normally do, and I go wide as well, which I rarely do with any other footwear.


I love the reebok floatride forever energy.
Great bang for the buck. Super comfortable. $100
Depending on the runner, they could last 1000 miles. (my first pair has 600 miles and still going strong).

If the shoe is VERY old it might be counter productive to do so. It may not be an enjoyable run.

Definitely fit the shoe to your bigger foot, it’s common (really it’s a given) that your feet will swell and grow when you run, so you want to make sure you have space in the toe box for that. A lot of fitters recommend a full size up from street, but it is individual. I am generally a 10.5 in street/dress shoe and wear either 11 or 11.5 in running shoes, depending on brand/model.

Unless you use shoes that fit exactly, the recommendation is half up if width is correct, of 1 up if you need a wider shoe (i am 8 normally and use 8.5 on wide or 9 on regular width)

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