Tour de France 2021! (spoilers)

Just waiting for Pog to drop the hammer… then if the fat old man can get up the hill in time.

I think Pogachar is going to win

That´s a high probability guess. Sepp Kuss managed to stick to the attack! Chapeau

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21:30 with a 38:00 cutoff should be ok.

Pog makes everybody else look like bloody amateurs lol

Still amazing performance by Vingegaard. That pretty much seals the podium

would be nice to see the old multi jerseys back again Pogacar in 3 colors.

Pogacar should be embarrassed at refusing to challenge the green jersey.


Ah I thought the time limit is gonna be much smaller, given the shortness of the stage. Good to hear!

I meant I think Pogachar is going to win the tour overall

theres always next year LOL

Next year he‘ll get all jerseys and beat Lachlan Morton to Paris!


Sepp really came good last week. Program must have been spot on.

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This brings up an interesting thought about jerseys. I wonder what the record is for the most jerseys worn at once during the tour. That would include world championship and national championship jerseys on the same rider. Anyone know that stat? I’d be more interested in it for modern times, as things get a little weird when you go back before the 50s

Wish we’d see him in Tokyo

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Well we still should remember that the people who could challenge Pog simply weren´t there. Jumbo-Visma is left with 4 riders ffs. If they could have pressured Pog with Vingegaard and Roglic, it would have looked a lot closer.
And Bernal is a much stronger rider than Carapaz.

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TJV could be a dual threat challenge to Pogacar in next year’s tour with Primoz & JV, which sounds exciting, until you look at Ineos’ results from this year.


First thought was Merckx winning 3 of 3 in '69 and would’ve had the young rider if they had it at the time. Doesn’t look like he had champion jerseys at the time though.

Yeah, he’s the go-to for most questions like that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I am curious how I would figure that ou

This whole time I thought the stage was sponsored by Liz Arden skincare and makeup products.

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