Pro Cycling Thread 2024

Let’s start the discussion. Hopefully it’s a great season. The main threads will be:

  • Jumbo vs UAE
  • Ineos Renewal
  • Youngsters taking over


The first climb to pay attention will be today in Argentina.


  • MALopez
  • Remco
  • Bernal
  • Martinez
  • Higuita
  • Tejada

Who I’m I missing?


10km to go

Team Medellin setting the pace for MALopez and Remco in their wheel.

Remco Attack!!!

Nobody is going to catch him….

Wow…Ineos train made a big selection and Remco was caught.

Attack MA Lopez, Higuita follows, in a second group Martinez or Bernal and a Movistar guy. Remco way behind.

5 km left

Nobody is going to catch MA Lopez, this is the most important race of his year :woozy_face:


Ganna is in TT mode in the chase……incredible!. 470 watts


Great Race!


Nice win of Girmay in Valencia. Paying attention to the form of: Vladov, Pello, Arensman, Carlos Rodríguez, Landa, McNullty.

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Nice win by Rui Costa en Valencia. And Esteban Chaves of EF wins the Colombian Road Nats. MA Lopez wins the TT :smiling_imp:

Anybody watch the Cyclocross World’s?


Cool footage with the drone shots.

Planning to watch the entire race replay. I saw a drone shot chasing 2 riders in one of the the younger age groups and it was awesome.

Edit: also saw a clip of fellow Canadian Michael van den Ham falling, dislocating his finger, popping it in savagely and then carrying on racing.


Pogacar slipping UAE tour shows some refreshing adaptation. It seems like at this level racing has to be kept to the abs min effective dose

Pogacar rides ruta del sol instead and starts his racing season even earlier.

Yeah, but he doesn’t the pressure to win that.

Great Stage 4h in Andalucía!. As usual Pogacar killing it, but is also good to see Mas and Buitrago showing a good level.

Daniel Felipe Martinez has put an impressive TT performance to win the whole race in Portugal…tremendous!

JV said somewhere that the numbers that this guy can put are amongst the best in the peloton, but hi has to improve his positioning in general.

Stage 3 in Algarve was some of the best 25km of racing in a while….and was a move by Magnus Cort at the end. Damn impressive.

producers / announcers today were so not clued in on Martinez and then at the very end they were like “oh, look at this ride by Martinez!” :rofl:


The wind action today on UAE Tour :pinched_fingers:t3::pinched_fingers:t3::pinched_fingers:t3:
Opportunistic Remco :white_check_mark:

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Ewan needed another CM of road….wow.


Wow!. EF faster than Ineos in the TTT :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:

Nice win for Rubio and Movistar. These long climbs below 7% are not selective anymore. We shall wait for Jebel Hafeet.

Molano saves face for the local team.

I don’t like Groenewegen, he should have been banned for at least 2 years. Yet he keeps winning. Gaviria in better shape this year with Movistar.

Tomorrow (today) is the queen stage. I want to see Yates do something.