Tour de France 2021! (spoilers)

It’s fascinating to me to have to sit through a dozen or so edicts about properly pronouncing rider names as though it’s some lost art written by the same clowns who happily call pogachar “Pog” all day long. His name is pogachar, and it’s no harder to type out than carapaz or Kelderman or vingegaard. What’s that some of you were saying about being lazy?

i mean…I guess it is


Pog is an endearment.

Actually it’s Pogačar. Which most definitely is harder to spell out :yum:


Yeah, I said the same thing above….he did a few accelerations, got their measure and only did what he had to do. Never fully dropped the hammer because he didn’t need to.

Cool….more ad hominem attacks. Now, let’s break the fallacies in your statement.

  • we aren’t professional broadcasters, journalists or commentators
  • “Pog” is a nickname, not a mispronunciation.

So, not even close to being comparable. But thanks for the playing. Sorry your “gotcha” moment fizzled out.


depends on the stage, they don’t want to risk a slow wheel change on an important day like today was

Who thinks that Pog needs a better victory salute?

He keeps pointing to the jersey. Is he pointing to the yellow jersey in general or is he pointing to the UAE on the jersey?

I think lots of racers point to their primary sponsor and team name. That was my take away from it.

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They were all trying to deceive each other, that’s what made it great. Who was going to go when, who had how much left, and so on. I loved the commentators who were so sure Carapaz was clinging on for dear life too, being proved wrong.

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Is it correct, that Pogacar winning mountains and yellow again this year, would make him only the second rider to do the double twice?
The other rider being Eddy, who also did it back to back?

Should really go after green next year, to at least have a challenge on hand.

I think that is correct. But not sure how comparable it is. There were many changes to the Peas-jersey over the years. Most notably only since 2004 you get double points if the KOM is also the finish line. If there were no double points, Pog would not win this year. Not sure about last year
(Presuming he will win again today. If Poels gets the first mountain and Pog only gets second on the stage. Poels will have the jersey.)

Per our conversation re: learning how to pronounce names, Stan Verrett brought his A-game to Twitter yesterday.

French police searched hotel rooms of Bahrain after stage 17

Reading that Bike Exchange are doing…Bike Exchange things. How happy is Juul-Jensen going to be tonight lol.

We are discussing any doping and speculation in this thread:

They were looking for sonny colbrelli’s stage win :rofl::rofl:



And there goes Uran’s podium hopes…poof

The Grupetto is already 15 minutes behind… it´s gonna be a tight one :disappointed_relieved:


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