Tour de France 2021! (spoilers)

Pog just smiling for Carapaz giving him the free ride

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Well that was fun.

Let’s do it again tomorrow.


Great work JV!!! Only 4 riders on team and they have JV in 2nd!

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Oh Cara, it’s not your year!

Superimpressive ride by Vingegaard. Came to the race as Domestique and is looking now to possibly get 2nd at the mothrfricking TdF.
We shall see what happens tomorrow though. Still a lot can happen with those tight gaps.


I don’t think Pog even tried that hard…he made several accelarations, but never really unleashed on those guys. He was being cagey, testing their form and only spending the energy he needed to.

His is pretty dman smart for such a young rider.


I saw shadows of the LA smirk on his face sitting behind Carapaz when he attacked and was getting a tow into the last 300m


Well, it’s easier to be smart, when you are clearly the strongest rider.
Carapaz was on the absolute Limit to even keep up and his sprint is non existent.


Uran lost 1:49. If Vingegaard can keep it together tomorrow he has that 2nd place in the bags. Amazing. Didn’t see that one coming going into the Tour lol


how’s Cav look for time cut? CN blog isn’t saying anymore…

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came in with +34… I think they managed the timecut to perfection… it was something like 37 minutes or so.
One more to go for him!


Funny, had the exact same thought


Yeah maybe. Sure he suspected, but knew? Maybe.

Came here looking for the same info. Didn’t look like they were too far back or that the climb/stage was outrageous in terms of setting the cut off?

As I understand it, the later in the day the big mountains, the easier it is for the gruppetto to manage.

The really difficult days are mountains at the start and very short stages.

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Correct…when the mountains are late in the stage, they can stay with the peloton much longer into the stage, but the cut-off is still the same percentage of the finisher’s time.

if the mountains come early, then they are on their own earlier and the gap starts growing almost immediately.

I think you guys are reading too much into the term know, etc.

If I’m next to a guy I know on a climb and he sounds like he’s having an asthma attack (or rocking and rolling or whatever tell he’s showing), I give a little push on the pedals and he suddenly stands, he’s busted. I got him. Do I know? Not in the cosmic existential sense, no. Only he does. But in the “do I know I’m going to drop this guy in a minute?” Yeah, I know. :slight_smile:

Also, I’ll probably have a bit of a smirk because we’re racing and I win.

If you interviewed me afterwards I’d say: “oh man, I knew I had you right <<< at that point >>> blah blah blah”. :man_shrugging:


Ok who else had the feeling it was Pog who was bluffing? With his little teaser attacks. The whole time I had the feeling he did like 90% and could have put minutes into the other guys if he wanted to.