Tour de France 2021! (spoilers)

As an editor covering the B2B industry, pharmaceuticals in wastewater is becoming a growing trend. This is due not only to more ingestion from folks and therefore release into sewers through urine and stool, but also from folks flushing pharmaceuticals down the toilet. Studies of effluent in sewers and of drinking water sources can also help track the spread of disease. In fact, study of sewage helped to find new coronavirus outbreaks last year during the pandemic.

The water and wastewater industry is an incredibly fascinating one, and the folks who work in it do not get enough credit for the shit they put up with (pun intended) nor do they get enough credit for how much they protect the environment on a daily basis, regardless of holidays.


I think you’re right in terms of noticing the two best sprinters in the world right now not being there (Bennet and Ewan), and as above the speed of the race/climbers means that the climbing stages are brutal for the sprinters and the cut-off.

There’s still world class sprinters in the race, and Cav beat Merlier already.

I think you create your own luck, and Cav and DQS are riding a positive wave right now. I think the field is still fast and motivated though.

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He doesn’t pick who makes it to the finish line. Winning sprints at the tour is winning sprints at the tour. Period.


He must be doping that’s the only real explanation, not a combination of skill and luck of the competition

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I didn’t mean to come off as someone would use that as an excuse, just that I would guess they’d (UCI, WADA, etc.) have some threshold in case a low level did show up for someone. threshold vs mg could certainly be a bit of a difference…bigger discrepancy when the pills are 50-300 mg doses.

Ketones for a sprinter doesn’t make any sense.

Strange bottle conversation can be continued here:

Not to be pedantic, but Merlier was the leadout man for Philpsen when Cav won his first stage. When Merlier was the designated sprinter for Alpecin, he won the stage.

I’m just talking about the quality of the field. Cav finished in front of Merlier.

Alpecin playing the happy families, role sharing game and fluffing their order is on them.

But if Merlier was not trying to win the stage, it isn’t much of a comparison.

I could also say Merlier finished ahead of Cav on Stage 3…but Cav wasn’t there because of mechanical issues, so again not much of a comparison.

Cav has won every sprint he has contested this tour… not sure what else he can do to prove himself?

It’s a shame Ewan isn’t still on the race - I think Ewan is the stronger sprinter but Cav has the stronger team - would have been interesting to see it play out but we will never know.


?? He has indeed proven himself…I’m not taking anything away form what he accomplished. Just saying he really hasn’t “beaten” Merlier because Merlier was not trying to win the stages those days. I wish Alpecin had gone back to Merlier instead of Philipsen on Cav’s second stage win, but as liam noted, their own “feel good” tactics are on them.


You have to be in it to win it. Cav “beat” Merlier and Dumare because they didn’t make it this far. Cav is winning because he has the team and he has the form. Yes, if Caleb was here, this would be a different race, but when you crash out, you are out.

Viviani was bad in this year’s Giro. Groenewegen is still coming back form his crash. Gavaria hasn’t won a race this year.

Will Cav send Bennet a Christmas card?



He crossed the line first. What more do you want from him?


Anybody know who Eddy Merckx beat?
it’s the W that counts

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I don’t want anything else form him…I clearly explained that in the post you quoted above.

Somebody’s grandfather. So yes, we do.

But I see your point. It’s usually true.

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And he beat Cav … To 34 :rofl:

Though I’m hoping that this is a tortoise and hare situation to 35 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

New day, new mountain! Who’s gonna take the stage? Maybe Superman López? After all he won the Mont Ventoux challenge this year, with a pretty fast time.
Or is Pogacar gonna feel his legs itching again and will attack?

Looks a bad one for Tony Martin. Given the amount of times he’s crashed, surely questions must be asked about the first crash and should he have carried on. Might have some lingering issues?

I think it’s time we stop glamorising riders carrying on after bad crashes.


Ineos must want Pog to win today’s stage…