Tour de France 2021! (spoilers)

Hes gonna be close to 400 Watt up that climb. That´s easily 1200+ kcal per hour. With all the impressiveness about their power and speed and all, how pros not bonk half way through each stage truly blows my mind. And then do that for 3 weeks. How much stuff can one person eat??? Impossible.

I don’t understand how that’s possible too.

That’s exactly why we watch it, right? The more impossible the better! :metal:

Oh, man we reallly don’t need to go there.

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You must have misread what I wrote „the very edge of what is humanly possible“ not „impossible“.

The article states that the upper limit for a clean athlete in FTP is around 6.2Wkg. I assume this number is at sea level.
Pogacar averaged 6.5Wkg for 24:35.
He did so, after riding an HC climb and racing for 110km. A little pre-exertion might have happened for that matter.

Also, the climb starts at 3000ft and tops out at 5000ft.

According to this chart:

His performance level should be effected negatively between 3 and 5.5%.

So with all that in mind, his FTP would be 95 to 96% of a best 24,5 minute effort (so between 6.18 and 6.24), which would be the absolute limit of human capability, without pre exertion, and without elevation (bumping a potential sea level number back up to 6.4 to 6.5 Wkg FTP).

And that is not even his most suspicious ride, which is the 1880 VAM for 16 minutes, after a 40 minute at FTP time trial.

It’s hard to even fathom what power it would take at 66kg to do something like that. The (not amazingly accurate) Bike Calculator gives me around 450W (if he rode entirely seated in the drops). Don’t know how accurate that is, but that would be pretty crazy.


I believe that’s for a sub-hour (40min?) effort. That link provides far more context than we could go into here.

One for the Aussies!


Nope…but apparently you have missed the Jiffy Bag incident, the TUE scandals, Froome’s salbutamol positive, the Freeman case, the Parlimentary investigation and report, etc.

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Ineos Grenadiers speed up at the head of the peloton, possibly for forcing Pogacar to retain the yellow jersey…

From TdF official live commentary. Can someone explain the reasoning behind it please?

The guy in the yellow jersey has interviews after each stage. Often he arrives 1-2 hours later in the hotel than the rest of the team.
Plus there are certain expectations for the yellow jersey team.
All of which can weaken the yellow jersey wearer and his team.


Aren’t the riders emaciated after the tour?

I hardly see other riders taking that many gels though, it makes one scratch their head. Remember to do that on the club ride up that 1hr climb. A bulk box of gels, the new standard. Just don’t mind me, after the climb, with my bibs down, hiding in the bushes.

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I’m surprised that this unsubstantiated doping talk is allowed to go on and on here.

Pog has no rivals here. Rog crashed out. Bernal not there. Thomas crashed and on the downside of his career. Froome aged out. Quintana no where near his peak. The same with Nibali. Carapaz - some good results but never in the league of the top GC riders.

I don’t see Pog’s performance as any different than those of Hinault or Lemond or Fignon except Pog has no rivals. Lemond would have crushed Hinault and everybody else if the team had been riding for him. Lemond would have crushed it by minutes in '89 or '90 if Fignon had crashed out and if the known dopers weren’t in the top 10.

This is far different between the slug-fest in the Armstrong era with Armstrong, Pantani, Mayo, Ullrich, etc. slugging it out climb after climb.


I’ve read that some riders gain weight as the nutritionist over feed them to keep them healthy.

This was a nice thread, but has totally regressed into hypotheticals, accusations based on no evidence, etc.


Yeah it´s a bit sad that people don´t seem to be interested in the race all that much.


With there not being any competition for GC anymore, it’s somewhat understandable.

Would likely make sense to open a Tour de France - Gossip topic.
I understand not everyone being happy with the speculations and allegations.

It’s competitive eating with a side dish of a bike ride!


Wonder why Ineos is helping UAE so much. Sit on Pog’s wheel and make him chase O’Connor, methinks.

And despite all those vast resources and the threat of jail time for perjury, they couldn’t find any evidence of anything. Good grief, they couldn’t find a solitary former domestique or soigneur with an axe to grind or a story to sell…

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They were probably just trying to get Carapaz on the podium. Although he seems a bit dusted at this stage. I don´t think Pog actually planned to attack today. He was just chasing Carapaz and then was probably thinking: ¨Well I´m out here now… might as well¨

A bummer all the other favourites crashed out. With a team this weak, would have been interesting to see how Pog would fend off attacks form multiple riders from multiple teams. Can´t chase them all… but now there isn´t anybody.

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