Tour de France 2021! (spoilers)

The 2015 CIRC “Truth & Reconciliation” report found that from 1998-2013 there were exactly four TdF winners who weren’t associated with substantiated doping findings: Sastre, Evans, Wiggins, and Froome. Depending on your opinion of whether a sophisticated, long-term abuse of the TUE process constitutes “doping” you might shrink that to two winners. And those were amazing chaotic TdFs.

Whether Pogacar is doping or not, I think that’s why there’s disappointment when, year after year, some “once in a generation talent” comes to the top and destroys everyone. For some folks, that’s what they want to see. For others it ruins the race.

As far as “benefit of the doubt” goes, when you go to Disneyworld, there’s always a chance that Mickey is, in fact, a giant talking mouse and not, like every single other time, a college student in a mouse suit, but this kind of induction is how humans stay sane. :rofl:

Edit: I promise, no more on the matter–at least until next year. Doping talk is in poor taste in a general race forum.


It really is comical how this conversation has happened over and over for decades. Next up, a positive test followed by some excuse for why someone was positive even though they TOTALLY didn’t dope, followed by an admission of guilt, followed by “well, it still doesn’t matter because everyone was doing it anyway”.

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The first week of this year’s TdF was amazing. Someone on Twitter suggested they just jump to the Champs d’Elysees after yesterday’s stage and declare it the greatest one-week race in history.


Nairo has to drop Higuita at some point……if they are too close in a sprint situation Higuita wins all day.

Higuita is making me eat my words about declaring him a GICTA.

Nairo is a GICTA for GC but I have to learn to appreciate his new racing role as Stage hunter only.

you must have misread - it said what is humanly possible for a CLEAN athlete.

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That was Daniel Friebe, one of the hosts on The Cycling Podcast and a well-respected journalist of the sport.


Lol your trolling right?

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McNulty straight into a ditch. :flushed: Not the best moment to take a peak behind you there. Pick a straightaway not a curve.


Quintana dropped, still is gonna collect the polka dots. Now I hope O´Connor makes it into yellow. Not to shabby a stage, afterall.
Ok UAE is drilling it now, doesn´t look like he is gonna make it :slightly_frowning_face:

First, this is a logical fallacy known as deflection. Richardson and Phelps are not a part of this discussion. They have no relevance to the discussion. Further, Phelps never failed a drug test.

As for Merckx, please see below….

  1. Eddy Merckx of Belgium tested positive for the stimulant Reactivan at Savona during the 1969 Giro d’Italia, after leading the race through 16 stages. Merckx was found positive at doping control and expelled from the Giro. Merckx steadfastly denied the charges

So basically….


Oh look guys in the front are climbing 12% gradient climbs on the big ring just like Pogacar yesterday


That’s a grey area: Vaughters (and others) have claimed a more reasonable max “unenhanced” limit at 5.9-6.0 w/kg with 6.3 w/kg clearly suspicious.

Looks like 3T and there 1x-only bike is gonna make a comeback :rofl:

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Who cares about losing watts cross chaining! Looking pro is more important!! :smiley: I was thinking maybe they are worried about shifting down when climbing at threshold within a peleton?

But no one is doing that….which shows that you either are not listening to what people have posted or that you are just ignoring it.

It is not just that he is “better” than anyone else….it is 1) the degree of his superiority over others, 2) the fact that his data is basically borderline of what most people feel is possible clean, 3) his associations with others who have a doping past but are running his team and 4) the history of the sport.

And to be clear, I’m not saying he is doping….but all of the above taken together is more than enough reason for me to say “Hmmmmm…hang on. “


the french commentators keep talking about how bad Americans are at bike handling :roll_eyes:


Has it? Did I miss Froome’s doping ban and Oprah interview?

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How many gels is O’Connor taking? I counted 6 in the less than an hour and he isn’t always on camera.


Constant. It’s amazing. My stomach would be churning.

Presumably that’s at threshold though, I.e., one hour- so for a shorter climb you would expect a bit more.

Look I don’t think these guys are all clean either, I just think this kind of speculation doesn’t prove anything one way or another.

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