Tool for planning your ride nutrition

i have come across a online tool by CORE nutrition planning had found it really good for planning. has anyone eles herd of it or used it? i think @Nate_Pearson would like it because he loves to play around with things like that

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I deleted mine. I was being a bit sarcastic. My biggest thing is eating while racing and making sure I do it in plenty of time before getting that hungry feeling. Which, if that happens, you’re not in a good place.
This is why I’ve started to really lean on CarboRocket 333. Everything I need in the bottles for marathon XC and long road races. I still bring some honey stinger shot blocks (so good!) and maybe a gel or two as a just in case. One bottle with 333 and the other either with just normal CarboRocket drink or a lower mixture of the 333.


Did someone shine the “customisable nutrition spreadsheet calculator” bat signal into the sky???

FYI the link is dead. File has been deleted.

The link deadends. Can someone repost. spreadsheet?

I just use the Saturday app…

More info in this thread, too: