Race / Training Nutrition Planning

Any suggestions on websites or applications for creating nutritional plans for events and training rides?

I came acrossCore Nutritional Planning. Has anyone used it before?

Which part of the planning do you need help with - overall caloric amount? Macronutrient ratio? Timing in the race? Personally I found that race nutrition is both basic enough at the high level that it was worth just learning the principles, and then personal enough on race day (sweet or savory? does fat upset your stomach? like caffeine?) that you should then apply those principles to personal testing to find what works for you.

Yes, I have done what you have advised above. However, I thought it was interesting to see Core’s approach to the fueling game. Specifically the temperature metric. I also like how it could keep a log of my longer training rides and events… I know I can do this in excel or good sheets but I am lazy