Too much work...How about double days?

I am totally digging this TR forum! This is, for me, the greatest resource for useful training info I’ve found. Chapeau to the TR staff.

I’m still learning my way around, so I apologize if this is an old question that has already been addressed.

I recently began my “official 2020 campaign” which consist of SSB mid volume Level 1 and 2. My work schedule is very dynamic and when I get called into work is is for multiple days at a time, and over night where I am not able to train. That being said, I’m rarely able to complete any TR workouts on my work days.

So, what I have done recently is stack workouts on days I’m home to make sure I get them all in. I’m not missing any TSS, but I worry this may not be the best way to go about my training.

With ambitious racing goals for next year, I’d love some input from the community. Given my circumstances, is this training methodology a good idea, bad idea, any other ideas out there?

Thank you in advance for your input. Happy training


What exact workouts are you stacking?

  • Hard / Easy
  • Hard / Medium
  • Hard / Hard

Maybe specific examples.

The reason to ask is that stacking hard workouts on the same day may not yield the desired benefits. You need to Work AND Recover in order to get faster. The Work is the simulus, but the Recovery is where we actually get stronger.

The usual setup for double-days is to do the Hard workout in the morning and an Easy workout in the evening. That gives you the chance to add stress in the end of the day, but it is not overly taxing to the point of messing up the adaptation from the earlier Hard one.

Edit to add some existing discussions I found with a search.


Great question, Chad. I will read up on the links you shared. Thank you.

I totally get that appropriate recovery needs to happen for adaptation to take place. I am mostly just moving workouts from the schedule that populated when I began the SSB module from my work days to doubling up on non-work days. Keeping The TSS mostly the same, with the same workouts, but alter the days they’re done.

I say “mostly” because I am adding a little bit of TSS with extra workouts and outside riding occasionally. I came into this training plan averaging closer to 700-800 TSS a week for the entire year, and around 8000 miles. I only say that to say it is challenging to just ride 60- 90 minutes and be done. I really like my time on the bike. So, I’m happy to do more…when I can.

For example…Yesterday I was scheduled to do:
-Mount Field, 1 hour sweet spot, TSS 61…I added
-Deerhorn -4, 45 min sweet spot, TSS 59.

This morning I did:
-Reinstein, 90 min sweet spot, TSS…tonight I’ll do
-Taku, 30 min, active recovery, 19 TSS.

These are just a couple examples…

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I would create more custom workouts rather than having two SS sessions a day. When you do have time to train, are you restricted by your hours?

Take your recent workout as an example, perform Reinstein and then hit Taku straight after.

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That may be a good idea to not stack SS workouts, I’ll play with that. Thanks

I am able to train for longer periods of time, when i’m not working. anywhere from 3-6 hours. This is partly why 60-90 minute TR workouts make me feel (at leas in m mind), like I’m not riding enough. The workouts are challenging, but I want more bike time. Taku “feels” like I’m wasting time. I will try some different workouts and see how it goes.

Still reading through other forum post on two a days.

To add some variation, why not play around with “two-a-days-train-low”?

Do first session carb loaded more intense (SST or whatever). Eat low carb aftwards to keep muscle glycogen low. Do the second session low intensity. Afterwards eat carbs again.

This way you mimic one long ride despite having a break in between. Not something to be done every day but may introduce some variation in your routine.


This is where custom training plans really play there part but I would look to maximise my riding time when I am free, so if I’ve got 3 hours to ride then I would create a workout for the whole 3 hours rather than splitting the day up. You can spend a lot of time at SS even over a 3 hour session.

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So, I had a thought. What about racing 2 or 3 crits a day? I mean, wouldn’t it make sense to train specifically for this? I personally am planning to race at least two crits a day in the early season, I can imagine simulating this has its benefits. I can understand that timing is crucial, but seems like this type of training will be necessary.

It fine but us sparingly, I sometimes do double days following an enforced off day (rest day) but one needs to be wary of down stream consequences… i.e make sure there aren’t any.
‘Consistent (like cash) is King’

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I would still focus on good quality training days rather than trying to mimic a day that has 2 or 3 races. Also, racing HARD 3 times during one day would require a little more care in training before and after the event.

I do shorter workouts, and double days all the time. I find it works better for me, schedule-wise. My volume is not as high as yours, 600-700TSS/wk. Sometimes I do hard/hard, hard/moderate, moderate/easy, hard/easy, easy/easy, moderate/moderate.

I never do active recovery. If I need recovery, I take it off or just do 1 workout. Easy days would include endurance, but never recovery.

I do 2 SS workouts a day, or SS+Threshold or 2 Threshold workouts. Upper SS or Threshold are hard workouts. Tempo and low SS is moderate. Easy is Z2. I don’t double up with an outside ride, those are too hard to predict.

Personally, I found I made more improvements doing 2 a days than trying to cram in 1 large workout per day. Less fatigue. Growth may be slower, I don’t know. It also helped me to, finally, lose weight.

I’ve read up a bit on doubling up workouts, but still have a question I haven’t seen posed yet. All discussion I’ve seen has tended to cover a scheduled (let’s say SST) workout in the morning, followed by extra (optional) 30-45 min Z2 after work.

I’m a little time crunched to workout 5 days per week as per SSMV, but I can always fit in 4 workout day per week. Consequently I’ve been doing my Tuesday and Wednesday rides on the same day, usually back-to-back. Reason being not having to prep and shower etc twice - One 2 hour block and I’m done.

Am losing out (or gaining) anything by doing it this way? If I feel excessively tired after the first workout, I could always split the Z2 50/50 across the end of the Tuesday and Thursday rides. The duration also then keeps in line with Chad’s recommended <60 mins for the 2nd workout on a double day.

If I persevere with back-to-back hard/easy rides, when would be best to take on protein? ASAP after the hard workout, or wait til I’ve finished both?


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