One trainer session, 2 workouts

Hi all,

I’ve looked around the forum and found some information about double workout days (on 2 separate sessions) but this does not quite reply to my question which is: “Is there any downside to doing back to back workouts in the same trainer session?”

I already know that I’ll have to skip one of my workouts due to life commitments. In SSBMV1 this is always Carter or Pettit. Yesterday I was doing Tunnabora but I still felt quite fresh at the end so I went ahead and did Carter too.

Now I won’t be missing the TSS this week, but at the same time TSS is not everything. In your experience, is it ok to do this sort of thing when you have the legs or would it be better to just skip a ride?

Please feel free to let me know if this has already been asked. I genuinely didn’t find any answers.

If you have the time and can handle the extra stress then go for it. I wouldn’t stack 2 hard workouts but that pairing is good. I usually will just use the ‘extend cool down’ feature and then ride at endurance pace for 15-30 extra minutes after the workout to get some more volume in.


I also thought about the extended cool down option as yourself and the guys on the podcast suggest, but my OCD wouldn’t let me skip a workout :joy:

Thank you for the tip

Haha I understand that. The one plus to having it at the end of a workout is that I have gotten some slightly longer PRs from the hard effort + some time in endurance. But adaptation wise loading a second workout does the same. Though the warm up/ramp up of the second workout might be unnecessary.


I had a similar sort of question. Currently on the HV Sustained Build and wondering if two-a-days (hard workout combined with endurance ride later on) and then a couple of extra days completely off would elicit the same training effect as having a rides scheduled every day. Same TSS throughout the week, but allocated differently.

I currently have to wake up very early to get in all the volume required from the HV plans and it would be nice to have a couple extra days to sleep in. :slightly_smiling_face:

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