"Doubling up" in recovery weeks - what difference does it make?

I’m entering my first TR recovery week, and I wondered what the differences are between:

  1. following the plan, which for HV is six fairly low-intensity workouts over six days

  2. doubling up, and doing two workouts every other day. So 1 + 2 on Monday, nothing on Tuesday, 3 + 4 on Wednesday, etc

In the case of option 2, they could be morning and evening (“2a”) or run back-to-back (”2b”).

So that’s three different scenarios. I’m just curious what the different effects of each option would be, thanks! Is (1) definitely the best option, if so, why?

Just trying to learn a little, thanks!

(1) is the best option, follow the plan as it was intended unless you have some compelling reasons you can’t. TR works, you don’t need to overthink it.

You haven’t mentioned what phase you’re referring to, but I’m assuming SSB HV. The quality of that second workout would likely diminish. You are not recovered enough and over time the fatigue of double days could wear you down week after week. It’s not to say you couldn’t do it, but if your body could handle that kind of stress I would assume would take a well trained and experienced athlete.

@MI-XC, I think he’s talking about doing this only for the recovery week.

I actually like this idea.

There’s another conversation going regarding the value of “TSS filler” workouts in the mid volume plans. If you aren’t too fatigued coming into the recovery week, I think there could be some positive adaptations doing it the second way with minimal negative effect going into your next FTP test.

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Indeed, recovery week only. I’ve edited the title to hopefully make it clearer.

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Honestly, I thought this would get more interest / spark more of a debate!