To TR: Please Devote XX% of Development Capacity to items that AREN'T AT

To TR,

I know you consider AT the future, but please consider devoting a fixed amount of capacity to other items, like addressing partly implemented features (e.g., inability to sync to TrainingPeaks without syncing workouts, thereby creating duplicate workouts that cannot be removed / edited in TR), long neglected items (e.g., modernizing / replacing workout creator), features for folks who manually create their own plans (e.g., put back push / pull / delete week), etc.

Like all software companies, its easy to get caught up in just building the latest and greatest, and not fixing the tech debt you’ve accumulated. But this is a recipe for disaster in the long term, especially when you are chasing what you believe to be the next great thing.


Prioritisation is tough, but yes… active bugs need some love too.

Last week I checked in on a Kickr v5 issue I raised in March and the response was: “Our apologies, but the fix has not been deployed yet and the recommendation would still be to use the older version of the firmware in order for Standard Mode to appear in the Windows App.”

This keeps me stuck 3 releases behind the latest Kickr firmware.


Agreed that prioritization would still need to happen, but having dedicated capacity would mean that non-AT features / functionality would get some love.

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You mean like Swim/Run/Other activity uploads that has a request thread dating back to October 2018? This type of tunnel vision does tend to happen a lot with TR from what I’ve observed over the past 9 years, unfortunately. :confused:


Noting that AT has now gone from beta to full production, I would think that resources are already being reassigned to developing other features. Hopefully this will also include some bug fixes.

Of course, this being software development, it’s not like you are going to see the outcome of this tomorrow.

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Unfortunately, consciously or not, I think the answer is on the tin:


Except AT still doesn’t handle: outside rides or custom workouts (Workout levels are completely wonky and workout zone gets confused), so I expect AT to keep sucking resources for a long. Time


@JustinDoesTriathlon @wyku
I watched the recent AT release podcast/YouTube. When they got to the question and answer part they basically said multi-sport is not a priority at this time. Don’t hold you breathe for anything triathlon related, because it’s not coming.


I think it’s coming.
Problem is, and this is just a guess, that tr found very quickly, that ML is very hard and making it right is even harder…
They are s cycling app after all. And they must add external rides and iron out custom Wo on AT.

All of that to say that they created new problems that jump ahead of the line in the priority queue…

But I agree with OP, there are known bugs on existing things that need to be fixed or replaced…

The workout creator need to be replace and i know they are working on it… They need to release it sooner rather than later …


That’s the problem: I don’t think it is being actively worked on. I think AT has sucked all of TR’s resources that they are betting the farm on it to the exclusion of all else.

My TR completed workouts appear in TP but it doesn’t sync my workouts to TP from TR

Other than the fact, there are entire training programs for triathlons of every distance, and a calendar to sync workouts. Most Multisport athletes on TR are asking for nothing more than the workout file with distance, time and TSS to be included in their calendar (rather than the manual mess that exists now). I realize that the developers want the Multisport sync to be better than most other options out there, but that’s not what most Multisport TR users even want. They literally just want to a complete picture of their workouts and training. Literally every other training diary has this feature (TrainingPeaks, Strava, etc.).


I think it’s less that they bet the farm on AT than it’s an important part of their product and is much, much harder to get right and scale. I’m optimistic that when they get the outdoor stuff on AT settled, we’ll see progress on other bugs and features.

I get the other way around: workouts my coach gives me in TP, get sync’d over to TR. But I build custom workouts - I add warmup & cooldowns - that match the workout from my coach, so I end up with double workouts in TR.

Well… My coach actually stop creating TP workouts for me, since I was using TR anyways (she use zwift and most of her clients use zwift as well. ).
So she now create a description of what I should do with a range of power, like I would do outside or on resistant mode. I just create a wo from it… I know its not ideal in your case, but it has worked for me.

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I guess I’m less optimistic they are going to solve the outside workout problem in the near term. Plus this is a more general problem I’ve seen with TR: there are parts of the overall service (workout creator is a perfect example) that have been in need of updating for years, and they keep getting “promised”, but never advanced. I get that TR is a relatively small team, but it needs to devote some amount of resources to “finishing” / “cleaning up” / maintaining the existing functionality


I agree with the original post but not some of the subsequent posts asking for running/swimming support.

TR is a cycling company that makes a very good product. If you want running/swimming/triathlon then look somewhere else.

  • TR has long offered, and still offers as of today, a full suite of Triathlon trainings plans including Base, Build & Specialty for the full range of distances including Sprint, Olympic, Half Distance and Full Distance triathlons.

  • I get that they have been Cycling focused and emphasize it in many ways right now, but they are still involved with triathlon plans and I don’t see them going away.

  • Pushing a personal preference to the point of telling other active TR users to “go somewhere else” is not “Being excellent to each other.” so I urge some reconsideration of that standpoint.

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true and false…
Yes is a cycling first company… yet they offer triathlon plans.


Do they? I didn’t realise they offered swimming and running workouts too. My mistake then.

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