What TR features were true game changers for you?

I’ll start off by saying that the reason I’m going to be a life-long Trainerroad subscriber is due to the amazing continuous improvement that they invest in their ecosystem! I’m super excited to see what TR has coming up, especially since Nate keeps teasing the project that Amber has been working on!

Even though ALL features and improvements that TR has incorporated are amazing, I’d consider a few to be absolute game changers for me.

So to kick it off, here are the TR features that have been total game changers for me:

Ramp test
Plan Builder

So what do you consider to be your TR game-changing features?

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I think the biggest draw for me is the ability to do the workouts inside or outside, and if I switch a workout to outside, it syncs to my Wahoo Elemnt quickly before a ride. I do wish you could toggle it in the app, though, rather than having to do it through the website or the PC program.


Outside workouts is one things that really changed things for me. I had done a couple of outdoor interval sessions before but this makes it much more guided and straight forward. I was already using TR for indoor training and the outdoor workouts was one of the few things that I couldn’t do with another free service (outside of manually building the workout in Garmin).

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Outside workouts, the ramp test, and the calendar are 3 big ones for me, but honestly the one that’s made a huge difference lately is the live FTP inside of the ramp test. I’m a big fan of the test, and tried it blind with mixed results, but the life FTP has been the addition that really pushes me harder than anything else. I love having that carrot to chase, and I would catch myself trying to figure out what my FTP would be anyway, so trying to push that number higher and higher really works for me.

It’s definitely a personal thing, and I can understand the people that test better blind, or without knowing, but for me, it has been a massive game changer.


Grandfathered pricing. Not every company does this.

Ramp test.

Calendar plus pulling in rides from Strava.


I second that… outdoor workouts on my wahoo elemnt are absolutely perfect. It lead to 100% compliance which lead to an 8% bump on short power build low volume.

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Plan builder, ramp test, outdoor workouts

Trainerroad froum.

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Outside workouts and plan builder.

With outside workouts, I can stick to the plan while riding outdoors. This is the first time I was able to complete a base-build-specialty cycle, and this would not have been possible without outside workouts. Plan builder on the other hand actually builds a customized training plan which is very useful when you have a lot of events to train for.

Calender and ramp test for me.

Personally not interested in outside workouts or group workouts but the calender and ramp test both made big difference.

Next on wishlist - pull in runs from Strava! Then Amber’s top secret project!


plan builder, the grandfathered pricing kept me as a customer while i debating canceling, and ramp tests for sure.

at least off the top of my head that’s what i can identify, there’s probably a bunch of really subtle stuff that’s so good that I don’t even notice it and can’t recall it!


Pre-programmed workouts - the essence of TrainerRoad :grinning:

Seriously. I started using TR right after I got my Kickr in March, 2013 - I have a pre-gen1 Kickr, as Wahoo says the gen1 was released in 2014, and mine has slight hardware differences to the 2014 - and at that time, the only erg options were manually changing the power via the Wahoo app, or the beta version of TR.

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I began using TR in late 2016. Still using it, still loving it. But in all honesty, for me personally all the big new features since then I could well do without. None of those truly improves my user experience and if it wasn’t for grandfathered pricing I would by seriously reconsider my subscription.


Apps for all platforms
Support including Chat Option
Forum with included TR Crew (open minded for new things or adaptions)
Plan Builder
Outside Workouts
and of course the new Power Match is a bomb!

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Not too sure whether it did qualify as feature but beers with Chad was pretty sweet. Actually looked forward to that one. :grin::v:t2:



TR haven’t chased after every fad or fashion in cycling. They know who they are and what they’re providing.

I get a brief overview of the workout and the intended benefits from Coach Chad and then I crack on. Doesn’t need to be anymore complex or flashy. Just tell me why I need to work so damn hard and I’ll give it my best shot :+1:

  • Android app. I’d signed up for the 7-day Sufferfest trial before I realized they didn’t support Android. Swapped to TR and never looked back.
  • Plans based on my current fitness level on the calendar. Don’t make me think, just give me the work and tell me I can do it.
  • The What workout did you do today thread.
  • Honestly, Nate being a lot like me except male: my age and came to cycling late, software engineer, sedentary, tall and “skinny fat”, massive geek. Chad and Jonathan (and Amber now) are quintessential athletes I admire, but Nate’s the one who made me think maybe I could do this too.

To all the carbs…


same here I can relate LOL. The podcast is my game changer with Nate’s adventures drawing me in, Jonathan’s knee issues starting me on my own journey to fix the same, and Coach Chad’s encouraging words on strength training to become a healthier version of me. (oh, and :beer: too).


Of all the great features that make TR: structured workouts, great simple visuals during the workout, ramp test, plan builder, outdoor workouts (love them) etc…the greatest feature is the good humans that are no doubt part of the ethos of the whole company and in particular featured every week on the TR podcast - Jonathan, Chad, Nate, Amber and Pete are must see/listen podcast. The consistency and quality is amazing over all this time. The insights are great. The information relevant. The podcast alone is worth the monthly price tbh.