Run and Swim Workout Sync Upload to Calendar

Love the new calendar. I think it needs to be updated so that my run and swim workouts from garmin, are uploaded to calendar just like TR does with outside bikerides. That way its easier to compare planned run/swim workouts with real ones, and also have the option to substitute or “assign” a real workout instead of a planned one. It can also have a more precise TSS calculation based on the real data of the garmin activity.


This needs to be addressed. With everything else being automatically pushed to Strava & TP from TR, they cannot expect us to manually input our runs & swims.

If they manage to get these functions up & running a lot of people I think won’t need TP and migrate straight to TR due to the advantage of the workouts.


Totally Agree !


I think @Nate_Pearson mentioned in the Calendar launch thread that the is somewhere on their roadmap for adding features… but we want it now!!

Anyway… I’m loving it just the same!

This!!! The calendar is great and this will only make it better. One step closer to perfection!!!

Throw my vote in for this feature as well. I don’t swim (unless floating in the pool with a beer counts :smile:) but I would like to have my runs sync automatically.

i’d really love it as well!

me too!

Sounds like it is a ways out yet. But I’m all for it too!

Not having the runs and swims synch in the calendar is a must for triathletes.


my vote in to for swim and run to up load to TR calendar



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Totally agree. I use polar and there’s no way to sync across from TR. sure I’m not the only person that would benefit.

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Another +1 for this here, I’d love my runs and swims to sync up to my TR calendar


Look into the app “Sync My Tracks”. I used to use it to move data from Polar Flow to Garmin Connect to Training Peaks. It syncs between all sorts of apps and is a good app for Polar users who often slip through the cracks.


+1 from me too. Just added a run from Strava by going to Past Rides and import ride, but even though the file says it’s a run TR shows it as a ride. If I schedule a run in the future I can set the Event Type but don’t seem to be able to change one I’ve already done.

The fact that run and swim workouts cannot be synced on the calendar should be written clearly where TR is advertised as a training plan for triathlon.


We will have to wait for an upcoming update… In the mean time I am loving the calendar. I am following the TR triathlon training plans, so the planned run and swim workouts are already in the calendar… I just update them manually typing actual time and TSS upon completion. Not Ideal, but I can live with it for now. I hope in a couple of months they make the update. @Nate_Pearson


Any Updates on this?