Recovery week... feeling tired

Hey folks,

I’m in recovery week after ssb1 mv. The plan went well and I was feeling strong in the last couple of weeks.

However this week, having only done petit+1 and taku (both easy workouts) I feel so tired and my legs feel v fatigued, is this fairly normal? I’ve been through the plans several times but don’t remember this level of fatigue after dropping the load!?

Thanks for any insights :slight_smile:

Any other metrics that you have noticed a change with? Things like resting heart rate, HRV, sleep, temperature. Any other things changed like normal routines?

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get plenty of sleep!


Not really, resting hr is steady, sleep suffered a bit, just feel knackered, maybe I went too deep recently with some hard runs alongside mid vol ssb. Hopefully come good for a ramp test in a few days…

@tommyexmoor I feel this every recovery week for the most part. The first 3 days I feel like absolute garbage, then things start to turn around on day 4 or 5. In general even during a hard training week the sensations are better than the beginning of recovery week.


Assuming everything else has remained constant, which it never is, you likely just are a little extra fatigued. Don’t be afraid to skip a workout or lower the intensity/% of these z2 rides. This is your recovery week, so recover, what ever that means to you at this time. It is common to not feel great during a recovery week until the weekend. Also, you may need to add in some extra sleep if you can and ensure you’re eating plenty of good foods.

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This is all solid advice. It’s a recovery week because it’s going to take your body some time to rest, recover, and adapt. You’ll start off on the high of being ready to keep working, and drop down to feeling sore and tired and your body winds down and begins to rebuild. It’ll come back up. For what it’s worth I personally find that even if I’m feeling good at the end of a rest week, the first workout or two of the next block feel disproportionately hard. I can hit my numbers, but RPE is higher. And then, like magic, I feel great again.

Give it some time. Be aggressively lazy. Then slay it when it’s time to start again.


I’m in my recovery week now (day 4) and this is the first day my legs are feeling better. So just hang in there :slight_smile: They will feel better.


It is usually Saturday of an easy week when I start to feel good - as mentioned certainly until Thursday - everything feels a slog. BUT…by the weekend every time I feel fantastic…hang in there! :laughing:

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I know these feels. Letting myself take a breather and relax during rest week opens the flood gates and all the retained fatigue is suddenly impossible to ignore. Eat well, sleep well, and be kind to yourself and you’ll bounce back. For me at least, the temptation to stay completely off the bike makes it worse, and riding my planned easy workouts (Pettit, etc) is essential.


It is for me. I don’t normally feel super good during a recovery week.

Same here, after the First recovery week Tuesday ride my brain is just happy it was an easy day. It takes me til about Thursday or Friday to feel motivated again. Rest and digest all the training stress.

I never start feeling better until thursday or Friday. Dont feel bad about skipping a workout or shortening it during the recovery week.

I got always the same tired feeling the restweek…

I think sometimes recovery week workouts seem harder because you’re less enthused by them :thinking: