Is it normal to feel "strange" during a recovery week?

I finished up SSBMV2 after completing SSBMV1 without missing hardly any workouts. I remember a similar feeling after finishing all the way through General Build last year when I was forced to ride indoors all winter. I don’t really have any words to describe it and just wondering if anyone else does or can shed some insight?

+1 for me on this :point_up_2:. Managed to move up to and maintain MV plans this year and experienced same thing on recovery weeks. Put it down to fatigue/recovery. Felt a bit like the manflu was about set in but didn’t


I’m not on MV but I took LV and added an extra ride per week to it. I’m in the last week and feel like something is happening but it’s not taking hold. Very bizarre. I’m sleeping plenty and eating well so I’ve just put it down to the body is recovering/working overtime and extremities are suffering.

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+2 I even have some congestion but it goes away by the afternoon… Hopefully doesn’t turn into something more…

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My only feeling is why is this “recovery” week so hard and feels like anything but recovery. Especially the recovery weeks in GBMV. I’ve started to lessen the TSS for my recovery weeks so I actually feel recovered for the next ramp test.