Training starting to implode

Last week was my last training week of General Build MV. Up to that point I’d followed the workouts religiously, or at least the TSS when riding events or outside. Last Monday however, I felt dead all day at work, unable to focus or maintain energy. For the rest of the week I couldn’t break the fatigue and feeling of impending sickness. My plan was to get rested and start Sustained Power build this week, but sadly I’m still feeling like shit, with no desire to ride a bike yet. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Take this week as another recovery week. So you could repeat the recovery week from Gen Build MV or dial it back even further if you feel like you’re not recovering or may actually be getting sick. If you do end up getting sick, recover from that first before starting your Sustained Build plan.

Prioritize 1) Sleep 2) Good nutrition (Vit D, B12, and Iron all have a big effect on mood, energy and mental focus when you are deficient. I also find upping carbs helps when I feel tired like you describe).


What is needing more recovery than usual a sign of? (rhetorical question)
Of course more work = more recovery but also more stress = more recovery.
I think that taking extra recovery is looked upon in a negative way because most of us are “go-get-ers” and want to get back to training asap to “get those gainz” I admit I have this mindset all the time. The mistake of going back to training too early can have even worse consequences than taking a bit extra time to recover.


Please see the similar thread with sage nutrition advice from @ambermalika . She also talked about overtraining in her TR podcasts. Sudden Muscle Fatigue