Time to help - friends, family and communities

Rather than focus on self. These are extraordinary times. What are we all doing aside from looking after ourselves? How can we use lessons learnt in healthy lifestyle, diet and any other knowledge gleaned along the way to help others cope and stay safe admist the Covid19 crisis, especially the vulnerable and disabled in our communities?

One post that says - I got off my trainer and did X would be heart warming
(we can train AND help out)


I’ve already checked in on my elderly neighbour. She’s feisty and has been looking after herself (e.g. shopping during ‘vulnerable persons’ designated hours); her son & family also drop in to check on her. She also has a feisty dog which I’m sure keeps her occupied.

Other than that…not much of a physical nature due to certain restrictions. Our household does regular check-in calls/texts/facetimes to those we know are sequestered alone or have questionable mental health during stressful times.

There are now ‘Robin Hood’ groups popping up who take donations from crazy hoarders who hoarded waaaaayyyy too much, and are distributing them to those who are unable to participate in the current hoarding culture. After we figure out our near-future financial situation, we’ll be making cash donations to food banks & shelters.

Any other suggestions? :man_shrugging:

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Good man Cptn D

We are mostly fit and healthy bods - its not until you take the hand of someone more frail than yourself - hear them gasping for air, and see the utter panic in their eyes - do you realised this is not hysteria or hype. My family emergency was a separate case of pneumonia, but it does bring home that we need to prioritise those that have no automatic support, before we start chasing that 2 second or 5 watt increase.

For the next few weeks it is time time put self obsession aside.

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Wrote in another thread but I am still working fairly normally as we are providing medical equipment to the govt. I hope it makes a difference.

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I also started singing out on my front stoop in the evenings Italy-style but I think that’s just making things worse. :neutral_face:

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Church in town is bringing volunteers togethers with vulnerable members of society or those in quarantine to help with shopping etc. I’ve left church a while ago but signed up to help out. Gonna do a shopping run for an elderly lady down the block later today.

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Where i live, there is special country-wide group workspace (divided by counties + online help) for volunteering to help with COVID19 related issues (so far usual asks are related to delivering groceries, visiting pharmacy for elders, etc)

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I’m doing my fathers shopping and picking up his medicine. He’s at an elevated risk due to COPD. I will also be shopping for my aunt and uncle, moving forward.

My next door neighbour is 93 and whilst still mentally sharp, the last few years have taken a toll physically. My wife and I are checking up on him and I’m put his rubbish/trash out for him on collection days.

Just doing what I can, when I can.

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