My nutrition may have become a victim of coronavirus

In preparation for shelter in place we did like everyone else: went out and stocked up the fridge/freezer/pantry. Rather than buying beans, ramen noodles, and bottled water I told the fam just to pick out things we normally eat but get four of each.

So now I’ve got a lot of time on my hands and also my pantry is stuffed to the scuppers with yummy food.

One advantage of working from the office: there aren’t any snacks sitting around.


true, but one advantage for working from home that I’m finding if you have more options to make healthy lunches based on having more cooking tools. Get the airfryer, stovetop and steamer going and you can put together something quick. Assuming you have it in the pantry. :slight_smile:

Also, its kind of fun to just throw ingredients on top of stuff for flavor based on what you have laying around. I just dumped some pizza sauce on my sweet potato, added a little hummus, some guac and boom.


Hasn’t been as easy here as things like wholewheat pasta seems to have been dumped by shops for white pasta as this sells better. Brown bread seems harder to get hold of as well and so does fresh fruit and veg. Kind of accepted that have to make do with what we can get for the next few days. I’m based in the U.K. btw.

It’s ironic really as most of the time the general population can’t be arsed with eating fresh fruit and veg and wholewheat alternatives. Now they seem to be grabbing them up and have no idea how to cook it and end up throwing it away whilst the fast food alternatives are left in the fridges and freezers.

I did order a kg of peanut butter and got some bananas so not all bad (pb and banana smoothie is my post workout meal/recovery shake)


Also UK based - loads of fresh fruit around our way.

We must all be careful not to fall victim to the “COVID-19”: 19 lbs gained in quarantine.


I’ve also had some nutrition issues. but apparently mine was not eating enough. Combination of more training hours and just not wanting to deal with the grocery stores. Realized yesterday that i’m absolutely wrecked. Not pleased with myself.

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I’m quickly nudging up against the COVID-5 threshold! :persevere:

Wife was able to go to co-op today and looking much better now! Although black beans are in short supply!

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I think I’ve been eating better since staying at home, since I can whip up good food at lunchtime instead of giving in to the temptation of a fast food joint with my coworkers. I’ve been able to incorporate more vegetables into my meals as well since I’m more conscious of my food intake.

On the flip side, I love to cook so I made some amazing smoked BBQ brisket and homemade tortillas so that’s not been the best for my health. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I’m afraid it’s too late for me :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Combined with all races being cancelled, my motivation has dropped significantly, and eating increased to fill that gap. Perfect time for TR accountability group workouts to be introduced! They may have saved my waistline and FTP!

Same here. I really have to watch it. Training >10h and missing calories is not a great combination

I decided to bake a cake as remedy, using only high quality ingredients. It’s a good snak in between.

My workstation is setup on the dining table in our kitchen. Thought this would prove problematic but just the opposite. I’m snacking far less than I do at work and I dare say, eating portions that are far more inline with my needs :pig:


None of the office candy dishes are tempting me currently, being at home I have been able to focus on low calorie density whole foods.

So far so good