Hit me with your crazy fitness challenge ideas

With covid-19, I see a lot of news around cool challenges runners are doing, but not much about cyclists. I’m thinking of things like backyard ultra, Gary Robbins running 100mi on a treadmill, etc.

I’m trying to find some crazy cycling ideas to motivate me during this time, either outdoor or on the trainer. They can be doable now (everesting, disaster day), or fun things to plan for the future (I’ve always like the idea of multi sport summits: ride from sea level to trail head, summit peak). For reference I live in Seattle, but am currently staying near Toronto.


This is very timely for me as I’ve been thinking about a big endurance day for a few weeks now. My plan is to row a marathon (on the C2 erg), run a marathon (outside), then ride on TR for 3 hours (100km plus). I’m giving myself a goal of 10 hours total time with transitions.


The old boathouse tri! I used to row in university, but don’t own an erg ATM. I like how you moved the run to the middle to break up the sitting

I’m doing Bandeira (6 hour endurance ride) tomorrow for kicks due to shifting priorities and to encourage people to donate to a food bank of their choice. Going to post updates to FB to check-in with folks, etc. Should be fun :slight_smile:

I’m gonna try and do 10k feet of climbing in one ride, but all on trail with all trail descents. The climbs here (coastal BC) are all super steep, so long days like that are really tough because you can’t just stay in zone 1.

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How about 24 Hours of Ramp Test?


The disaster workout is crazy enough.

Francis Cade’s double everest up the Alpe du Zwift was out of this world crazy.

Disaster for an entire month everyday.

VO2max 7-Day Protocol

(hopefully link works!)

The link isn’t working for me right now.

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I think I have to make a Team room if you want to see Custom workouts. Here’s the rundown:
(it’s very similar to Striped et al if you want to use TR workouts)

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I don’t think I can even do one 15 second rep at 300% FTP

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FWIW, 100% of the ‘normal people’ test subjects completed 100% of the test.

Every journey begins with a single 15s 300% rep. :grin:

I’m certain I’d bring your percentage below perfect. Function of training for ultra endurance…having a huge base and high sustainable power, but relatively poor v02 max power.

Might have to give it a try though. Train the weakness.

Understanding a wee bit more than when I first read this study, there is really nothing VO2max about this workout/protocol. It’s all neuromuscular work…which in the end lead to the results shown – greater efficiency/economy and power; an improvement in actual VO2max (which was not recorded) is just a natural side-effect.

But what else are you going to do during self-isolation?! :laughing:

I did an Everest yesterday. :+1: Might be a few days to try 300% intervals.


Wah! :scream: :hot_face: Awesome!

Indoor I assume? What platform were you using? How’d it go?

1,000 TSS in one week, just on TR. It’s basically Cartago, Rockhouse, Cathedral, Disaster and three recovery-ish rides like Collins, Andrews, Whorl, and/or Baxter -1. Depending on your normal weekly TSS, this could be easy, average, or hard.

Outside on local 1000ft climb. Second time I’ve done an Everest, and it was easier than the first. Held 305 watts/78% ftp for all the climbing (nearly 9hrs between 6k and 7k elevation). Only 12 mins total stoppage time, and under 12hrs total. Happy with all that.

Knees are pretty sore today. Lots of low cadence and force.


I’m thinking of getting a group together and doing vEveresting. However, this seems tame compared to some of the comments I see. How would you train for Everesting?

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