Anybody buying new stuff just to help keep the local economy going?

With everyone on lockdown right now bike shops and other sports retailers are definitely hurting. Can’t images what happens if this continues into the summer months.

Anyone making a point to purchase stuff right now to help out?

I picked up a new Kickr (before they all sell out). I have the 1st Gen and it’s still going strong but won’t work with my Eagle MTB or AXS road bike. Now that I’ve got the '18 all my bikes will work.

I actually tried to buy a new bike from my LBS, but they didn’t have my size and the manufacturer (Santa Cruz) is shut down to orders for now.


Thinking of grabbing a new coffee machine. I got quite used to nice barista quality coffee after my rides and the pod machine is really starting to wear thin on my taste buds. Thinking of going a nice automatic machine. I know manual machines are the ducks nuts but cannot see myself outlaying 3-4K at the moment.

I have all the bike stuff I need… I think


Nope. Need my money too after all. Dont need anything new unless pnw discounts their brand new dropper post I’d consider that but that’s cuz I wanted one for a while not cuz of the pandemic


Back in January we took delivery on a new Tandem, then bought a pile of extra accessories for it(bags and different tires), then in early March I picked up my new Gravel Bike (Salsa Warbird GRX Di2) then just last weekend had the shop build me up a set of wheels for it. at this point I don’t have any more cash to give my LBS! LOL

You couldn’t buy enough stuff to keep this economy going (pick a country, any country).

I’ll save my baht to buy at the bottom. :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:


I too am currently in the land of the Baht… it’s going to be a while before I can find anything to spend my money on.

I bought a new MacBook Pro this past week. But before doing so, I check TrainerRoad support to make sure that Workout Creator would run on Catalina :slight_smile:

Note: Under normal circumstances, I would have had Apple diagnose the issue and bring it back when parts came in. However, the stores are closed so you need to go through an authorized service center. And these centers require you to leave the computer there during the entire process. So it would have been about 10 days without a computer. The unit was a late 2013 so it was a good justification to buy a new one.

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Bike sales have reportedly gone up in the UK since the “lockdown” as people can still get 1 session of daily exercise outdoors as long as they do it alone or with people they live with.

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For those not UK based - our government has listed which businesses and shops may stay open. So there’s food stores, chemists (drug stores), filling (gas) stations but also bike shops. I think that caught most by surprise.

Not sure about the very low end of the market but towards the end of last year I was talking with the manager of an LBS who I’ve known for years and he was saying that the number of bikes being imported into the UK had dropped by something like a million units over the previous couple of years. He thought that it was due to the surge in interest in cycling after the 2014 TdF visit coming to an end combined with “the golf crowd” not doing an annual new bike purchase. Even the national distributors had very little stock.

Given our reliance on Far East manufacturing, with a few exceptions all our bikes and frames are made there, I can’t see shops being restocked for very long.

yeah it’s the perfect excuse for extensive online shopping sprees.


I popped into my LBS for a part (instead of Amazon-ing it) a few weeks back and asked them about this. They confirmed, and said that all the parents had to find something for their kids to do, so lots of bike sales.

Being a student I didn’t have a lot of money to start with, so after being laid off I have to be pretty careful with what I buy at the moment. That being said, there’s a few things I’ve needed for a while - new bib shorts and tires etc- that I’m probably going to grab. I’m spending a bunch of time on the bike and there’s some pretty mad sales going on right now, so I don’t think it’s a bad investment :slight_smile:

I brought a new fan the other day. I then felt guilty to the delivery driver that needs to brave potential infection just so i could have a new fan. I don’t know how to feel about this.


I’m going to use the time to build out a home repair area, including air compressor and a few other bigger items.


I’m torn on this too. I also guilty buying stuff and overloading a delivery system that’s already stressed and should be focused on delivering essential goods to people in need.

Most of the stuff in my area is shut down, my LBS is still open, but don’t need any bike stuff at the moment, and anything I would want for the season is now up in the air as who knows if I’ll even have a season!

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My local pub has its own brewery, they are doing same day delivery. Doing my part to make sure they exist after this :grin:


The delivery workers is an interesting one. We’ve had a few deliveries over the last few days and their attitude has varied from: “yeah, whatever, we have to work until we are confirmed as having it” to “I’ve to put the parcel inside your front door and photo it as proof of delivery. Would you open your front door for me please?”.

Can’t be nice for them. I bet there’s some right nasty so ‘n’ sos they have to deal with at the best of times.


It is tough because it’s all closed at the moment. Currently I’ve put a new wetsuit purchase on hold until the shops open again, having foregone a 30% online sale at Roka. Fingers crossed the local shop still stocks my size.

I bought a couple of barbell handles to fill a gap in my home gym. More importantly, I ordered some beer from a local craft brewery that are now doing home delivery. They are hurting with their sales to bars and restaurants stopped.


A couple of my local breweries have started doing free delivery so I’m helping them out with my custom…
Don’t call me a hero - I’m just doing my bit.