Time saving tips (before/after workout)

Sometimes I waste too much time before starting (more so if workout is hard) and after finishing a workout (when I am too tired). Share your tips on small things to do to become more efficient with your time.

I will start with a few of my own:

  • Make a list of everything you need for a workout (towel, water, nutrition, bibs, socks, tire pressure, …). Print it and post it to the wall.
  • Leave your bike always on the trainer so that you can be ready to start with less preparation.
  • Mix your recovery drink before starting a workout.
  • Do your workout in the morning — you will start your day already accomplished it. Less worry about it during the day.
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I also work out in the morning.

To ensure it actually happens, the prep happens the night before:

  • Everything’s right there: shorts, towel, water, energy bar, heart rate monitor
  • Ensure I’ve still got enough instant coffee powder (I’m no coffee gourmet - just needs to have caffeine)
  • Start Zwift/TR the night before and ensure that the latest uploads have been loaded and installed; I’ve had a few instances where downloading Zwift files over a slow connection at 5:30am ruined my morning

And hope the computer does not do an update/restart overnight!

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Be organised. Plan in advance what time you are going to schedule your session and stick to it. If you can, get into a routine. If possible have a set up that is permanantly ready to go so it’s a matter of starting up the PC while you get youe shoes on.

It’s easier with Zwift as events are all scheduled so if you don’t turn up you miss out. In case of early morning starts - kit looked out the night before, drinks pre-mixed and in the fridge overnight. Set an alarm.

Afterwards, upload everything then hit the shower straight away. Save the post-workout analysis to a time when you cab delve into it as much as you like. I’ve fallen foul of procrastinating over rides before getting changed which throws the schedule off for the rest of the day.

My week looks a bit like this:
Monday 6 - 7.30pm - TrainerRoad workout on Zwift
Tuesday 8.05pm - KISS race on Zwift
Wednesday - 7.25pm Deeside Thistle race on Zwift
Thursday - 6 - 8pm - TrainerRoad workout on Zwift
Saturday - 8 - 9.30am - road ride/TrainerRoad (weather dependent)
Sunday - 8.30am - 4hr group ride/2.5hrs Zwift ride (weather dependent)

Having the schedule helps enormously!


I’ve gradually taken over our entire basement which helps.

I have what amounts to my locker room as well as my bike work shop next to the pain cave. All my bike stuff is in there including kit (indoors or out), electronics with a charging station and all my bike tools and its all in the same place every time. That is where I dress and undress so I can get dressed and kitted out without any thought. Changing in the basement (where our washer is) also makes it super easy to do laundry which also has the added benefit of cycling kit not disappearing in the normal household laundry process.

With the “locker room” set up, I never have to look for anything and if I am packing for a race a quick scan of the room can serve as a final check list.

I can leave my bike on the trainer full time which also helps.

I keep all my water bottles and hydration products on top of our 2nd frig which just happens to be in the laundry room and can mix my drinks right there, or I have a convenient place, which always has room, to store premixed bottles.

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