What’s your training ’stuff’ that eats training time?

Hi! So took a hard look at my past training weeks and realize how much ”training related stuff” I do that takes away actual training time. My calc is that I could fit in maybe 1-2 hrs more per week - IF I had everything super organized/simplified and was mindful about the constant time thieves. Maybe not fit in many new sessions, but add 20-30 mins here and there.

Which are your worst ’leaks’?

I have some obvious ones

  • Messing with tech, couple of 10 minute bouts per week, cant find airpods, forgot to change battery in HR strap etc etc
  • Browsing for equipment deals and/or reading about advantages of some purchase (Next% type) when I could be training
  • Fiddling with ’aero improvements’ on bike, comes in periods, some weeks 1-2 hrs
  • Sitting down for 20-30 mins after some workouts to look at session data
  • Taking 5-10 mins to find the right entertainment before ride (choosing Netflix episode etc)

It all adds up! So depressing to realize! All that time lost gaah! What if it was possible to ’just train’?


I used to do this, after a season of training I know I can trust the process and spend less than 5 min looking at the summary.


Yeah, it is mostly for some reinforcement/confirmation I think, like I actually did this work, my ctl is ticking up. For the most part the analytics hold no surprise but it feels good somehow

Well you have to remember we do this for fun. I’m sure you enjoy looking at data, looking for aero gains, shopping for gear. Sure, we can all be a little more orgainzed wrt to having stuff ready to ride, but don’t suck all the fun out of it.


Haha thats true! Although performance gains from additional training would also be fun!

I spend a lot of time preparing the massive amounts of food I consume before and after workouts (and the time spent hauling it all from the shops)


This can easily get out of hand for me. Indecisiveness mixed with procrastination has me sitting on the bike for much longer than 10 minutes at times. Usually I just ditch the entertainment, switch on music, and watch the TR screen while being annoying that I could be half an hour through my ride already.

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I could train 20 hours a week if I didn’t read any cycling forums. :slight_smile:


I am probably in the minority, but I never seem to look at session data beyond the few seconds to see what the reality is compared to the predicted.

For me, biggest time suck that is consistent is the slow start-up of TR or the forever wait at times to be able to enter post-ride instructions. I can’t tell why my computer is slow at some times and not others – not malware or anything, as far as 2 programs can tell.

The other problem is I often have to warm up and then stop to stretch the legs. Not long, but still takes time.

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Yesterday i full out cancelled a workout because, plex wasnt working, so i had to troubleshoot that, restart my modem, i get to my bike, pump the tires and change, turn on the tv,

…chromecast is not synced anymore…spend more time fiddling… that was a total of 30 minutes and chromecast still wasn’t working, so i skipped the workout as it would take up too much over my sleep. It’s recovery week anyways but holy crap, just getting music on might’ve made it much simpler


I solved this by not looking until I have already started my ride and give myself till the end of the warm up to choose something. No more not starting until I pick something to watch.


Man thats rough, to have it all drained away… I had a 60 min tm run get down to 30 mins recently before I caved and ran just w the wristwatch. Not a quality session but a mental thing to get at least something of what you have planned done. This time it was the adaptor from ipad to monitor that had stopped working…

For me I have way more free time than training time, but my recovery/legs dictate how much I can actually train


The time between morning coffee and the desired effect of said morning coffee…


Pretend shopping for gear is my #1 sin.


Trying to solve the creaks and clicks on my Cannondale… Have spent at least 2 hours in the last 4 weeks taking it apart, checking and greasing meticulously, and putting back together.
By the end of the next workout it’s back.

I ditched the Gregorian calendar and made by own. 52 days per year, each day is 168 hours. I have tons of free time.


This is, comically, a really good idea. One I should have adopted months ago lol…

Feeling the need to go for a wee during the warm-up.
Nevemind the fact that I’ve already gone 2 times just prior to jumping on the trainer.

Fairly certain, it’s the good ol’ “fight or flight” instinct that keeps on creeping in.


I also have an issue with this. It’s markedly better when I have nbcsports gold stuff that I want to watch (versus picking something out of hulu’s catalog of however many movies / shows), I just start/continue watching whichever event is next in line. Between cycling and biathlon that’s a fair amount of tv to watch.