Deviations from the normal/preferred training time

Being awesome is synonymous with cycling!

I work shift work and while I’d prefer to do my training at the same time every day (11 am is my favorite start time), that’s not always an option. The sleep component of training and life in general is an extremely high priority for me as I have a job that often requires intense focus; so I try really hard to go to bed and wake up within an hour of the same time every day (shooting for 8.5 hours/night).

I’m cool with doing workouts pretty much any time of day except early morning… I hate early morning workouts when I’m forced into them! Caffeine helps, but mentally I’m just not all there.

**What do you crazy morning people do to prepare? What’s your routine before climbing on the bike or while on the bike? Is there anything you do the night before? Thanks!

Here is the goto thread for morning training:

Thank you for the guidance!

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As much as possible! Kit organised, bottles filled…

Hardest thing is trying to balance a bit of a carb load the night before with getting to sleep!

For my Saturday morning group ride:

Oatmeal already made - microwave and eat
force myself to go to bed 8 hours ahead of wakeup time
force myself not to have a beer or glass of wine :slight_smile:
get up at 6:30am
get dressed and go by 7:45am for an 8am ride

clothes are ready the night before so I’m not scrambling looking for something, ride food is ready to go sitting in my helmet
bike is ready to go

It’s only the group ride that gets me out of bed so early and eager to leave the house.