Time Off Option in Plan builder

I’m building a plan for this year and find the time off option not very useful. It seems that it just blanks out the time off without adjusting the plan around it. I have 2 weeks in May when I’ll be out of town and not able to train but the plan builder gave me a rest week 2 weeks before the time away, a ramp test the week before I leave and then a rest week the week I get back and a ramp test after that. I can see the point of doing another ramp test after a break but after 2 weeks off I don’t think having my first week back as a rest week is productive.

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100% share this complaint. It makes plan builder almost useless if any time you take a vacation, are sick, or etc. You have to un plan builder to fix the rest period.

Plan builder doesn’t know if your two weeks off is laying on the beach recovering, or hauling hay bales for eight hours a day seven days a week. So without having any additional information, plan builder just blanks those weeks and continues on with your plan. It’s not ideal and I’m sure TrainerRoad is working on this, but it’s not a priority at the moment.

This is where the self coaching aspect comes in. Adjust the workouts based on your specific situation to get you back on track with your overall training plan.

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TrainNow would be effective during the unwanted rest weeks :slight_smile:

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I’m running into a similar situation, which I don’t think has been the case in the past. I added a vacation and it didn’t adjust my plan at all - it just deleted all workouts for the week I’m out, which happens to be the last week of work in SSII. So, I miss 5 workouts that week, then come back to a rest week. Doesn’t make any sense. I thought the purpose of annotations and marking time off was to allow AT to actually adapt. And I’ve tried it all sorts of ways (different days, different lengths) to see if I can get it to do more than just delete workouts. Nope. Not very helpful, unfortunately.

Might be worth checking in with support, could be a bug or the plan could’ve become disassociated from AT. Just a thought and probably worth a quick email.