Plan Builder no longer including time off

Hi. I had a plan and have deleted it as I needed to move days around, anyway… Came to create a new plan using Plan Builder and it’s no longer asking to include time off, I have a holiday in my calendar but plan builder is ignoring it. Anyone else having similar issues?


It was removed as part of a recent update - I guess not many were using it. Just go into your calendar and use annotations to mark your holiday as time off and I suspect AT will recalculate your plan.

I had the same concern yesterday. It didn’t ask about including the holidays I already had in my calendar, but once I generated the plan, it did take them into account and scheduled around them.


My new plan didn’t take in to account the holidays, had to manually remove the workouts it scheduled during my time off

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That’s weird. I’d contact support.


@ChrisPod I tried to reproduce this on my end, and everything worked as intended. TR Support will be able to help get things sorted out for you. :upside_down_face:

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I recently created a plan on my iphone app and was able to put in time off. Oddly, it scheduled a recovery week directly after my week-long vacation. I’m thinking about switching those workouts to the regular intervals I’m being prescribed other weeks…

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You still saw the screen that asks you to enter your off time? I just did one yesterday or the day before, and it wasn’t there.

I think they removed the specific step from the PB process. But I think he is talking about PB making intended adjustments (skipping workouts) for “Time Off” already in place on the calendar.

This change seems to ditch the step in the process, but still adjust to suit time off pre-loaded on the calendar before starting the PB process.

I will say that this change, with the only notice as a very limited statement in the update notes, deserves a more comprehensive announcement.


@Pbase no, it isn’t there anymore. As @muckymariner and @mcneese.chad mentioned, this was removed from the Plan Builder process. You now add time off after your plan is applied through calendar annotations.


Thanks for the official clarification. Just a little feeeback. As @mcneese.chad mentioned, it would be great to call that out, maybe just something simple at the end like, “don’t forget to include any time off on your calendar and Plan Builder will update your plan to work with your schedule. If you’ve never done that, here’s how (link)”


I already had the time off in my calendar, shame it didn’t take it in to account. Last time I created a plan it asked to take it in to account

Thanks for the updates

So, Plan Builder will NOT consider Time Off added before running PB, only after?

Your statement seems to imply the above, but the use case is not clearly stated.

This gets to my point, that making changes to a well established process can lead to confusion, particularly when it’s not explained in appropriate detail. This looks like TR broke something and sure feels that way from the feedback I am seeing.

Covering the reason for the change (apparently skipped most the time) is useful, but we need to know how it’s supposed to work in all cases now (time off before/after PB). I feel this is a notable shortcoming in communication since you are altering known behavior and pushing a change.


What’s weird is that it DID include my previously scheduled time off, but DID NOT include @ChrisPod’s

Perhaps there is some buggy behavior that needs to be addressed?

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Hey everyone,

My apologies for not being clear earlier. Plan Builder will take into account your time off annotations, even if they are already on your calendar, before applying your plan.

@ChrisPod I have a response to your service ticket coming your way right now.

Again, you can add time off annotations whenever you’d like, and Plan Builder will work around them. We’ve simply removed that step when using the Plan Builder tool.

If anyone is having an issue with their annotations not being considered by Plan Builder you could be experiencing a bug in which case please reach out to


OK, so two basic workflows:

  1. Add Time Off annotation to calendar first, run Plan Builder and it will schedule around/skip workouts for that Time Off (if it falls within the PB range) without showing a specific page/tab within that process.

  2. Add Time Off annotation to the calendar that already has a pre-existing Plan Builder derived plan, and it will trigger a “Recalculate your Training Plan…” dialog which makes the appropriate changes.

Thanks for the info :+1: