Plan builder not making sense

I’ve recently changed (cancelled) my events on plan builder and I’m finding it doesn’t make any sense with what it comes up with.

I had a rest week last week, did a ramp test this week and started a new block. When I removed a May event last week plan builder gave me a week of work followed by another rest week. I had to manually configure some weeks cause back to back rest weeks sort of defeat the purpose of training. I removed another event today and same thing, It wanted to do another ramp test next week and finish this week off as a rest week.

Does the plan builder not take into account what weeks we’ve just done and go from there? Might be a bug that needs to be worked out to prevent people from having to manually build up weeks and completely defeat the purpose of having a program do it for them.

Right now, it is not “looking back” at completed workout. It only knows the start date, the events you added, and set the initial plan. If you make large changes, it will adjust to a point, but it is not fully automatic in catching the detail you mention.

It is just about best to delete the current Plan Builder version and start over in many cases.

As Chad mentioned, we are not yet able to take into account the training that you’ve done and use that to influence the Plan Builder. The best way to adjust for drastic training changes is to delete your old plan and start over based on your new events. A few tips on making this process as easy as possible:

  • Set the start date as the date you started training, This will to some extent give you “credit” for the training that you’ve done thus far, and place you in a more appropriate phase of training to account for your updated events.
  • You can play around with this start date by adding or subtracting 1-2 weeks to get your training phases to line up more accurately
  • You can also adjust your experience level as a “lever” in the trial and error process. The beginner and intermediate option will prioritize more Base Phase, the Advanced option will prioritize more Build phase, and the Expert option will prioritize more Specialty phase.

We know this is not as seamless as it could be, and we are working hard to make the Plan Builder more flexible when adjusting to changes of plan; however, we do not have an ETA for these improvements at this time.

Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions :ok_hand:


Thanks Bryce!

Don’t get me wrong I think plan builder is amazing!

I think I’ve got it pretty well figured out now without having to reset the plan or anything. I deleted the next ramp test and put in a workout that would make sense in the second week of the build phase and adjusted things to ramp up the tss over the weeks before the next rest week.

Thanks again and keep up the great work, you guys are awesome!

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I gave up on plan builder. It kept putting in rest weeks very close to one another. Maybe my events were too close to the start of the plan but, I never felt like it trained me that well. I didn’t feel like a well rounded rider. I’m going back to the days of old where we would progress through base, build, and specialty.

Hey Bryce,

quick question;

Currently I’m in a build phase and have 2 more full weeks before my next rest week.

I have to delete more events and would like to go into another base phase after my next rest week. What is the best way to start a new plan starting in a few weeks without changing what my next 2-3 weeks look like?


The easiest way to facilitate this would be to wait until your Build Phase is over before recalculating your plan based on your new events. In other words, leave it be for now, and then recalculate during your rest week.

Another option would be to build a new Plan Builder plan setting the start date in the future three weeks. The issue with this approach is that, starting in three weeks, your plans will be doubled up on each other. To resolve this, you will complete your three weeks of training, and then when you are ready to go into your Base Phase, go to the Start Annotation for your first Plan Builder plan and delete it. You will then just have your newly built plan moving forward

Hope this helps :ok_hand:

edit: reposted my question in the official planbuilder thread.