Success with Time Off in Plan Builder?

I’m building out my training plan through Memorial Day Weekend with Plan Builder. I’ve used plan builder a few times before and have had pretty good success until now.

With this spring I have a trip where I would be effectively off the bike and relaxing on a beach somewhere. So I went ahead and included these 10 days off in the process.

Looking at the resulting plan (screenshot above), it seems to me that Plan Builder doesn’t adjust anything based on time off but just deletes the scheduled activities of those days. Build phase starts with a normal 3-week block followed by a recovery week. Then I’ll get a ramp test, endurance 30 min, and 1 workout before the 10-day break. After I get back the final week of build workouts before another rest week. This would be 4 out of 5 weeks of recovery, TSS well below normal which doesn’t make much sense.

I’m probably stretching the parameters of the plan builder here but was wondering if anyone else has had different experiences with plan builder using time off.

Happy to clarify! For shorter breaks like your week to ten days off, it’s unlikely to result in a significant loss of fitness, so your plan will be adjusted simply to move around the time off. Longer periods off the bike will likely result in more substantial adaptations that reduce the intensity or duration of your upcoming workouts, as you gradually build back to your previous level of fitness.

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So I’m curious - does Plan Builder account for the activity completed within a block?
Our only the duration of the block itself?

The way I read this:

Is that Plan Builder doesn’t help you build your fitness in blocks of work (meaning 4 weeks of workouts between ramp tests, as in this example).

Instead, what it implies is that Plan Builder schedules ramp tests every four weeks, and if your time off is less than some threshold (I’m guessing maybe 3 weeks?), it just had you do whatever workouts for between those 4 weeks.

I would expect Plan Builder to reschedule the ramp test so that I performed 4 weeks of workouts in between ramp tests.

Am I understanding it right?

The way in which your plan adapts/restructures as a result of time off is based upon the duration of your time off, so results can vary, but Plan Builder is not just omitting that week or deleting it. Your plan is instead being adapted by moving, restructuring, or sometimes both, the workouts during your assigned time off. :sunglasses: