Time crunched specialisms - working out my own training for short hills

Hi everyone,

I’ve followed the time crunch 30 and 45 plans before with moderate success which was good.
I’m not a racer and now have clearly defined goals for my own riding - the goal is to get better at a couple of short (10 minute average 6%) climbs over a local loop and still keep the power up to complete the loop at a good average pace.

Looking at the time crunched plans - they tend to offer good overall training which includes quite a bit of sprint training and things just not applicable to my goals. As training time is precious, I just want to make sure I’m getting the most out of what time I have and not waste time building skills and strengths I won’t use.

Recently i’ve switched to doing 2x 30 minute threshold workouts (Wed & Friday, picked at random from the TR filtered list on the day) with a 30 minute sweetspot session on the Thursday. Heading out for my outdoor ride at the weekend, i’ve found that I have been setting PRs on the 2 climbs i’ve targeted on a continual basis for the past 3-4 weeks - so the threshold sessions are definitely having a good payoff.

Should I just continue what I’m doing or look at switching up to keep the legs fresh - as we come into the dark evenings I reckon i’ll still fit in 3 workouts (either 30 or 45 mins) during the week and try to get a hilly loop done at the weekend.

I guess what i’m looking for is a time crunched hill climbing plan which doesn’t seem to exist - as I guess the 2 things are not really compatible! But anything I can do to maximise the short time I have is surely worth investigating at least.

Any views or advice warmly welcomed.

The time crunched plans include a good variety of intensities from short sprint and anaerobic stuff through to longer sweetspot and threshold work. That’s pretty much exactly what you need for getting stronger on short climbs, so I would stick with that even if it’s not actually called a climbing plan.

Continue what you’re doing, and include some VO2 max workouts. Also make sure to include rest weeks.