Time Crunch 30 x 5

I’m timed crunched so please don’t have a pop if this already buried in the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Is this plan going to give a bump in fitness if you are starting to train again, I love racing but job and kids dictate limited time, be good to get some perspective on the plans!


It probably depends on where you’re starting. If you’ve been off the bike for a while, yes, you’ll almost certainly see some gains. If you already have a fair bit of fitness it might just keep you at that level or see a minor drop. But doing something is always going to be better than doing nothing.


I did the low volume Time Crunch 30 plan last fall, adding in longer workouts on weekends or when time allowed. I would say that my fitness did improve, although I’m normally a low volume rider. Whether you’ll improve will depend on what level of fitness you’re coming from.

Either way, you’re better off picking a plan that you can consistently execute, rather than slacking your way through a more ambitious plan. Knowing that I only had to carve out 30 minutes to get on the bike made it easier to train, which led to more training, which led to better results.

I’ll also add that some of the workouts are VERY intense - the warmups and recoveries are short. Learning to push through that kind of stress was a good mental toughening-up.


Thanks for your input, agreed on being able to commit to 30mins x5 is easier to slot into the day and if I can get a longer out door ride on the weekend then it’s a bonus rather than a pressure!