Stick with Time Crunch 30 or Modify SSB/Plan Builder?

Looking for some advice for those more knowledgeable than I.

BLUF: Recreational rider - Should I stick with the Time Crunch 30 plan and repeat or try to make modifications to the SSB Low Volume/Plan builder low volume?

Background: I am a mountain biker (4 years) who is new to structured training. Found TR via the podcast and started using in July to prep for a long weekend trip in November with the group I am part of. I am the slowest guy in the group so I wanted to improve my ability to keep up/not slow everyone down. 206 FTP tested, in July; jumped to 233 in early October and had a great trip in November. Due for a Ramp test this week i think. I say that to say that I am seeing improvement on the Time Crunch plan (probably due to the fact that it is structured)

Due to time constraints/other obligations I am limited to 30 min a few times a week. It is what it is.

So my question: Which plan should I use? I see two options:

  1. Stick with Time Crunch 30

  2. Do SSB/plan builder and then manually edit workouts to 30 min versions where available. I don’t think there is an ‘apply all’ style function where i could change all of those workouts in a plan so I would be doing every workout manually. For the workouts that don’t have a 30 min version I would search for a 30 min workout in the same zone with a similar or slightly higher IF.

Anyone ever had a similar issue or does anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks for any advice you all can provide.

Hi Brownbear
I’m far from being an expert myself but this post interests me because I would also class myself as a recreational rider & more or less have the same goals as yourself a friendly bit of competion with the group i ride with.

I have been a TR user for sometime off & on done LV SSB & Build plans a couple of times with great success. A year agao I had a cycling accident & fractured my neck when I got back onto my bike it wasn’t the same for me anymore I lost all my motivation to ride & train I tried to start it up again using the same formula i had used in the past LV SSB but each time I didnt even get through the first week of SSB I just didn’t seem to have the motivation or time with all my obligations etc so I didnt bother for a time but then since Christmas I have changed my approach using the time crunched 30 LV as a minimum commitment per week just so I can get the structure. Im 5 weeks into the plan & have already being topping my weeks up with a bit of zwifting & feeling great.

You could give SSB a try & see how you get on if you have no other specific goal but to have healthy fun with your group & try your experiment rather than be a slave to the plan. Im 53yrs with a FTP of 202w I think the my highest FTP was 250w

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