10k Road Race in Week 5 of SSBII - HV

I am very excited to be quickly approaching the big fifth week of SSBII - HV, but there is one complication. I will be running a 10k road race the Saturday of this week. I will be running it with a friend who is getting into fitness. The race is a huge event (part of a city wide St Patricks day celebration), but we will not be running at a difficult pace for me, probably around 8 minute miles. I am wondering what is the best way to shift my bike workouts around this day.

Should I move the Saturday workout to Friday? Or move Saturday to Sunday and Sunday to Monday, shifting into the recovery week? Or something else…

Hey aha!

It sounds like the race will not be at a tough pace for you, but it will still certainly add TSS your week. As a result, you will likely need to skip one of your weekend workouts. Which workout you will skip will depend somewhat on how you feel on Sunday.

If you feel fresh and ready to train, I would do the Saturday workout on Sunday. The Saturday workout is a little tougher, so you’ll get a better training benefit if you can handle it.

If you are feeling pretty fatigued, just skip Saturday and do Sunday as prescribed.

One missed ride will not have a measurable effect on your fitness, so don’t sweat it :+1:

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