There doesn't seem to be anywhere to add goals

I want to be able to enter my goals in TR and don’t seem to be able to. I would have thought the Career page would be a good place. I would like to be able to enter process and outcome goals. Could also add a date to them so they would show in the calendar but this, in my mind is not so much a calendar function as something to be VERY visible when I glance at my career page. I currently have them on a spreadsheet and that’s a bit rubbish.


I was looking at that yesterday to see if I could set an event (goal) and then choose a plan to train towards that said goal…(from memory TraingPeaks did that)

Could be a feature request or maybe we both didn’t see how to do it…:slight_smile:


IMHO, if it’s there and we both missed it then it’s in the wrong place. I would think this needs to be front and centre and very clearly visible.

Great idea! I do it in Strava, but would prefer it all in TR

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Agree, really want a central place for my serious training stuff. I love Strava but it’s very much my social platform. Not my serious platform. I’ve put serious in strs because I’m a bit rubbish. Trying to be a bit less rubbish.

I can see why you would want this to be visible to you when in TR but it could be a polarising feature if it is too visible and/or on by default.

Personally, I know my goals and am happy to keep them in my mind. I have added a couple of events to the calendar which I will be working towards too so I can see my progression.

I believe you can add annotations to calendar events which could be somewhere to add this info (e.g. in all of your events or just your A), although that might be too hidden for you.

Otherwise you could write them on a piece of paper and stick that to a wall.

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I guess as with most features. People can always opt not to use them and keep with their existing methods. Seems to me to be a really important bit of info. Given that, a constant reminder of them would be good. But not compulsory :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion!

While we do not currently have a specific place to store your goals, it is possible to add annotations to the Calendar that can associate with specific season goals.

For example, you could place an annotation on the same day as a race is scheduled and pre-record specific goals that you hope to achieve in that race, whether it be finish strong, get a top 5, support your teammate, etc.

You could also place an annotation on the last day of a Training Plan that says something like “complete 95% of all workouts from Sweet Spot Base I” or something along those lines. Certainly there are other process based goals that could be written in Annotation Form.

I can see the benefit in having a flat list as well, would you be willing to elaborate on the types of goals you have listed in your spereadsheet? Do most of your goals have speciified dates? Are you looking to be able to set goals that you just manually check off?

Any information you can give on how you set up your spreadsheet or how you plan your goals for the year could be very helpful for when I pass this idea onto the Project Managers.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Bryce.

I do get that I can enter this information in the calendar but then it knda just gets lost. Really want it on the career page or somewhere prominent. When you do have a goal that has a date associated with it then this could be automatically entered into the calendar.
Never shared my goals with anyone now everyone will see them, no laughing. Happy to discuss further.

Thanks for the support. Really impressed with the whole TR experience.


If there was a vote for this idea, I would support it. Good idea to have a place, and see, what our goals and their reasons are for the coming year etc.

I’d like some sort of goal tracker, would help to set and define my goals other than a nebulous ‘get faster’.

Having thought about this I can see how it could be a good introduction to goal setting. Could this be part of an onboarding process which gets people to consider their outcome and process goals? If so I think it’s key to make it skippable and have it kept on a separate page (? Account page).

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My concern with something like this being on the Account Page is that it would feel like a “do it once and forget it” thing. I would envisage the goals as being a living breathing thing. Something we will probably want to finesse as the year progresses. I would certainly be OK with it being optional. For those people that don’t want it it just would’t appear. Or maybe an “Add Goals” button to be ignored…

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Add goals would probably be my preference if it’s coming and a dating system could help to auto-annotate the calendar.

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Thanks so much for sharing! We are in the middle of some major development projects, but I have passed this onto our Project Managers to keep in mind. I know how important goal setting and visualization are for improving performance, and I think this would be a super cool feature :slight_smile:

Cheers, and thanks again!

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No problem and thanks for the quick response. I will be keeping my eye open for it :wink:

So, let me be clear here. can everyone see everyyone else’s training plans and calendar?

is there a way to prevent that?

You have the option to be Public or Private. That setting applies across the board.

If you are Public, EVERYTHING is public.
If you are Private, EVERYTHING is private.

The idea of allowing more finite control has been discussed, and TR is considering how to handle this in the future. The original discussion came about because of the Annotations in the Calendar and possibly sensitive nature of what people would like to use there.

What I mean is that I pasted my goals directly into this forum which anyone can see. This has nothing to do with people seeing my calendar or rides etc.


Phew :blush: