Feature Suggestion - Goal setting feature & Consistency Metrics

I have just listened to Ask a Cycling Coach E344 on the traits of successful athletes. Jim’s insights were really interesting, A really great guest. However, as insightful as the discussions were, there was nothing new in the main winning traits he mentioned. They are the same traits we hear all the time – another reminder that there are no secrets. Talent, goal focused, smart training & consistency. While we can blame our parents for our lack of talent the rest is in our control. TR already looks after the smart training aspect but I was wondering if there was scope to include goal setting & tracking consistency on the platform also.

Goal Setting feature
o I’m thinking of a simple template you could add to the calendar (like the annotation feature) but structured in such away that it has check dates & an end date. It could also be split between primary & supporting goals. It could be set up to be filled out under the “SMART” goal headings or another simple method like that to help the user develop quality goals. I currently do this through a spreadsheet but need to add reminders to my calendar to go back and check in with it.

Consistency metric
o I’m sure TR are tracking this already so it would just be a case of making it public. Just a % metric to say over the last month/year/phase of the programme you’ve hit X% of your workouts or something similar. Maybe have it so that it could be hidden for times when we are not as consistent due to external circumstances and don’t need to be reminded of it when it’s out of your control!

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