Calendar - two usability suggestions and a question (Feature Requests)

The calendar feature is very useful, and the continuing improvements make it better each time.

Two specific suggestions:

  1. Add a way to mark a planned workout as complete directly on the calendar (without going to the pop-up window for that day). This is automatic for TR rides and outdoor rides synced via Strava or Garmin, but for other types of workouts (e.g., strength training) there is no streamlined way to just click on workouts that were completed, while leaving skipped workouts grayed out.

  2. Clicking on a past TR workout currently opens up the pop-up window for that day. All you can really do here is copy or delete the workout, which you can already do directly in the Calendar. And if I want to see the workout analysis, I have to click yet again on the name of the workout, which then opens it in a new tab. It seems you could cut out the pop-up window step and go directly to opening up the workout in a new tab.

The second suggestion really reflects the use of the Calendar view as an improved version of the “career” view, which itself is a vestige of the prior design.

My question is about how to easily access @chad’s tips for each week of a training plan. In the “old” design, the training plan itself worked kind of as a form of calendar of upcoming workouts. With the shift to the Calendar feature, though, these tips are now buried and can only be seen by going into the training plan library (i.e., with no “awareness” that I’ve already selected a plan). I don’t have any specific ideas of how to re-integrate the tips (perhaps auto-add notes when a plan is added to the Calendar?) but it seems like it would be a worthwhile effort.


Agree. It’s pretty annoying to have to keep opening the pop-up each time you want to set a workout as completed. I asked for this back in Nov, but haven’t heard any recent feedback…

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Hey there!

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feature-requests with us!

For #1, I have passed this onto our Product Managers once again for consideration. This is not something that we are actively working on, but could be a really great addition.

For #2, this is an issue that we are actively working to address with some functional improvements to the Calendar :slight_smile:

And for your question regarding Weekly Tips, this is not accessible within the Calendar at the moment, but this is another improvement that our Developers are currently working on :+1:

Thanks again for reaching out!


Excellent. Minor-ish things, but useful and welcomed.