Big Goals, Unbound Gravel, Injury Prevention and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 346

Amber Pierce, Hannah Finchamp, and Nate Pearson join us for an in-depth guide on goal setting and achieving, as well as a discussion on Hannah’s plans at Unbound Gravel, injury prevention and much more. Join us for Episode 346 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!

We’re excited for this one! Tune in Thursday morning at 8:00am Pacific!

Youtube Live Video:

Big Goals, Unbound Gravel, Injury Prevention and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 346

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • Hannah’s new team!
  • Amber’s guide to goal setting and achieving
  • Injury prevention and a discussion on concussions
  • Rapid Fire Questions
  • Women’s saddle suggestions
  • Should natural sprinter base train differently?
  • Long ride nutrition strategy tips
  • Hannah’s strategy for Unbound Gravel and gravel tips from the hosts


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My rapid fire question is:

Does AT take into account when I’m above the target wattage of an interval due to using resistance mode? I’m not upping the target wattage percentage, just riding above it, mainly due to the gear I’m in.


What’s Hanna’s take on men pacing women at unbound


Just spitballing ideas here, but TR focuses hard on setting, measuring, and meeting goals. Any thoughts on adding a place to do this under the ‘Career’ page on the site?

Here are a couple of related Feature Requests already on file:


Yes. :slightly_smiling_face:


No it doesn’t (99% sure). It accounts for failures/ backpedals/stops/extended breaks. But you don’t get credit for doing more

Doh I stand corrected. Amber knows a lot more than I do. :relaxed:


@ambermalika If possible, I recommend some edits to the related support article. We covered this with a lengthy discussion a few days ago and there is need for more clarity in the current article.

  • The fact that Target Power (based upon rider FTP & 100% Workout Intensity) is compared to Actual Power as the key here is totally lacking from the content. These may not be the best terms I have used, but they are more accurate than the pure Workout Intensity aspect in the article.

See the posts related to this comment and all that precede it in the following topic:


That is an important distinction, and I can see where the confusion is arising. We’re on it, and I’ll post once it’s been updated. Thank you!


Much appreciate :smiley:

UPDATED! Our awesome support team just got this done. See new version here. Thanks again for bringing this up!


BAM! Thanks so much for the wicked fast edit and superior info.

Clearly hits all the concerns we saw from the old one.

:100: :medal_sports:


Just 38 mins into the cast, but WOWIE, WOW, WOW!!!

Some cool new stuff coming from the sounds of it. :smiley:


Where do we sign up for the FTP estimation tool beta?


Should be here, whenever they flip the switch (but it’s not there yet).


Thanks for the openness and future guidance @Nate_Pearson!

That makes me more excited than ever about the future with TR, continuous improvement indeed!

I appreciate that it is a difficult balancing act for you to promise features that are devilishly complex to get right and deliver on time.

Still, for me, knowing the vision and having a view on the roadmap is very nice, and I think it is a very courageous thing to do to share that despite the risks of setting off a vocal minority, if these projects hit bumps down the road!

That’s coming from someone who was vocal at times during the AT beta roll-out :man_facepalming: :sweat_smile: And yet I am still here and appreciate immensely the massive improvements the TR platform has gone through over the years I have been using it! The whole TR team is really knocking it out of the park!


Super excited to see some of these new features come out! I’m especially looking forward to the time availabilty plan builder, which will be amazing to utilize.
Also @ambermalika i always appreciate your down to earth, realistic views on life and training, thank you!


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Fizzzz @Nate_Pearson those features all sound so good!

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