Symbol for Training Plan on Calendar (Feature Request)

When I look at my career on the calendar, there are some very nice diamonds to highlight when I took an FTP test.

I was just wondering if it was possible to have a similar kind of symbol/bookmark for the start of a training plan? That way I could look back and see how a particular plan worked for me and whether similar life events turn a 6 week plan into 8 weeks.

If that makes sense to anyone?


That and other markers for things like races and other milestones have been requested. I am having trouble finding if it was a separate thread or comments in one of the main calendar threads.

Nate had sneak pics of his calendar at one point, that clearly had more “flags” of other events on the calendar. I know I have it bookmarked, but it is from sometime last year or early this year, so hard to find.

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Maybe have a toggle on/off feature so it’s not cluttered all the time?

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Thanks for taking the time to share your feature request with us. This is something that we have considered, and that the design team has wrestled with a bit. We have some ideas that we are testing internally, but they are still in the rough stages at the moment.

The concept of being able to toggle on/off is interesting as well, and I’ll also pass that onto the team for consideration :slight_smile:

Thanks again for sharing your suggestions!

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