The Podcast - Too much biology?

100% into the deep dives.
It’s a wonderful counter to the simplicity that’s inherent within the program.


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I find the deep dives interesting however I started listening to the podcast with the aim of making me a faster cyclist - so I’m more interested in simple actionable points I can take away and apply immediately on a day to day basis.

I’d say keep the deep dives but perhaps don’t do them quite so often.

My take on the OPs point was that the frequency of deep dives fairly recently had risen?

But to be completely honest, like similar comments from others on this thread already, I think the podcast is excellent as a whole and the general quality of the content and delivery is very high so I will continue to listen whether they change or not :+1:t2:

Looked through this thread and like points discussed here. But for me:

I love the deep dives. Physiology, nutrition, research into various aspects of and complements to my training — it’s all awesome. And I love the length.

As long as the podcasts clearly have a way to skip ahead for those less interested (and they do), I hope that nothing diminishes on the rocking technical side.


I enjoy the deep dives. Invariably they are over my head but I like listening to them.

Mind you the discussion on MTB spacers completely lost me - could have been in a foreign language for all I gained out of it.

Looking forward to the TR take on polarised training - it’s been a long time coming

Please bring Amber back again.


Just wanted to add my 2 pence worth; I bloody love the crazy deep dives, I find it so interesting and engaging and love to hear all about the physiology, biology, neurology…hell, all the Ologies! :smile:


I think the deeper dives are great. A lot of the basic and maybe intermediate stuff has been covered in a very in-depth manner. An indication of how much the TR community has learnt over the last 4 years is that in the Facebook community people will ask questions and there is generally a consensus of well thought out answers that have clearly been influenced by listening to the guys on the podcast.


Completely disagree. The physiological changes that happen as a result of training is absolutely fascinating, and love to hear more about it. I could listen to Chad talking about the Krebs cycle for hours!!! :slight_smile:


My 2 cents worth, I like the physiology when it directly relates to training. Find at times it goes down irrelevant areas but they would be interesting to some. Have missed the more specific training info of late but understand you can’t keep going back to the same content. Like the interviews with athletes and weekend warriors re training structure and what works for them.

Me getting ready for the podcasts :grin:, so much goes over my head but enjoy regardless


@Jonathan I also wanted to say, for me, a lot of deep dives (and other stuff) just seems to have come together for me recently. After listening to the podcast and using TR for years. People get in the place to hear at different stages…

The whole nutritional aspect of properly fuelling workouts and recovery penny is only really dropping for me now, having been focused on losing and then maintaining weight, and just hitting protein intakes. I’m really not sure I would’ve got here without the discussions over time. I mean, how long ago was the podcast with @ambermalika about 4:1 recovery shakes? I only revisited and implemented the things I heard in that podcast/ series of podcasts about 4 weeks ago!

So I say keep it up. Like I said, I’ve no interest in mtb, but I don’t feel the need to give out about. No real crit scene here in Ireland, even then I don’t race - I’m not calling for an end of discussion on that.

It’s a broadbase platform, with a broad user base - the podcast should reflect that just as much as the platform.


The ShockWiz suggestion is a really good one. I thought my suspension was dialed decently, then borrowed a Wiz to check and to play with the new gizmo. After a half dozen rides, the suggestion was consistently to add one volume spacer in the fork. I did and it was noticeably better.

As to too much biology, I like the conversations and Chad (+ +) does a nice job preparing. I’d rather have deep than shallow discussions even if it’s something I know or not relevant to my needs. I think the depth speaks to the value of the podcast over time.

Be nice to get some new Mtn Bike Podcasts… ahem, cough, cough… :heart_eyes:


The deep dives are why I listen to the podcast! There have been several “ah-ha!” moments when listening to the physiology and biochemistry dives.

The variety of topics is always great too. As an XC MTB racer, triathlon, for example, holds no interest for me, but it’s always interesting to hear the similarities (and differences) in training and nutrition and how athletes approach their training and racing.

Oh, and since my commute is 2hrs/day, the length is perfect :slightly_smiling_face:


We are going to do MUCH better than that :smiley:.


It’s so hard for us because people message us and say they don’t want to her anything personal from me, then other people (seemingly) enjoy it. It’s like every segment we do will piss of 20% of people…but I guess that’s the way life goes :smiley:.


Your personal anecdotes are definitely interesting and make the podcast much more real and applicable. Please don’t cave to the minority!


Completely agree !


might as well chime in lol I think the deep dives are great, it’s not always what I’m into but I think as a topic they’re better than just sticking to variations on selecting workouts/plans. The fact that so many people are interested in supplements and their impact on performance, I think the team’s work in separating fact from fiction is important and sometimes it takes time to develop the context. Unless people want to just get to the point, see following joke

Nuts to them. You can’t please everyone (as evidenced by this thread, and just about every one that says “I don’t want to hear about XXX” or “I love the XXX discussions”).

Your experiences (plus those from Jonathan and Chad) give real life to the podcast. They let us relate to the content and realities of training, racing and all that it entails.

The overall willingness to share the highs and lows of your combined experiences is one of the most valuable aspects of the podcast, IMHO.


Darn you and your teasers… :laughing:


I really like the physiology stuff, and Chad does seem to stress fairly often that what he’s talking about is one small part in a very big picture. I also agree with those who say that the biology segments probably aren’t going to make you go faster, but there are only a certain number of ways they can say ‘follow the plan and eat healthily’.

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