The Podcast : Is it too long?

How has the podcast gone from 1 hour or less when it first began to the 2:30+ monster its now become?

I used to look forward to it every week, but now its a chore and really puts me off listening.

Could we have a ‘no live questions’ edit?

Anyone else?


While I like it in general, I also had the same thought. It’s a tough balance.

What I really notice is how to-the-point the old episodes are, compared to the lengthier ones now. I just re-listened some stuff from Jan 2019, what a difference. And even more concise and to the point before. Not to mention the episodes before 2018.

There was more focus to keep it close on Q&A before.

I guess an important argument is that people actually listen to such long episodes, to the end: while on commute/on the trainer.

I recognize it’s a tough balance, but maybe a bit back to the old times would be nice.


Personally I like the longer episodes (not least because they’re about the same length as my weekend rides and long runs :P)
I do also enjoy the ‘deep dive’ format and the opportunity for each presenter to give their own view. A lot of the questions asked on the podcasts don’t have a straightforward answer or a conclusive body of evidence behind them, so I think it’s better in some cases to provide a review of the existing literature and how it might be applied rather than a more direct approach. That might also be something of a natural progression if the more ‘obvious’ topics have already been covered.
One of the things I really appreciate about the TR podcast is the effort that goes into researching and presenting the material, rather than simply firing off advice based on an established training ‘philosophy’, but that’s definitely a personal preference and I think there’s value in a shorter format as well. I do feel that there’s parts that could be kept more concise and relevant, but in saying that there’s limited opportunities to edit a live podcast.


Just press “stop” and go on with your life…
Why would this be an issue for anyone?


I don’t mind the longer lengths, mostly because I freaking love the new model they’re following where each topic gets broken into its own video AND its own blog post. I don’t usually have time to watch the whole thing live, and the video + blog afterwards means I can catch up later on the bits that interest me.


I prefer the longer episodes. Instead of listening to an hour and waiting another week can pause it half way and listen to the rest another day breaks up the gap. Especially during this situation, having more stuff to watch/listen surely can’t be a bad thing.


I really enjoy the longer format.


this is quite similar to the “are there too many episodes” thread from a while back. If you don’t have the time to listen to the whole thing in one piece… don’t.
If you wait a few days, they even cut it nicely into single videos for each topic discussed on youtube.

Otherwise just pause when you don’t want to listen anymore and continue later. And if you don’t have time to listen to the whole thing over the course of a week, again, don’t. It’s not like this is homework and you’ll be quizzed about it on an midterm exam or something :yum:


Also easy enough to pause it before they get started on a new question and pick it up later.

Also also, they cut it up and put each question segment on youtube so if you don’t want to go through the whole podcast, just watch the bits you’re interested in. Doesn’t work as well if you want to listen from your podcast app, but still.


the Longer the better, I keep running out of things to listen to while riding indoors so the Longer the better IMO.


Longer is always better. Keep up the great work


Same here. I love how much effort goes into producing these each week. All of the research/production time that the TR team puts into bringing such a quality driven podcast to us is greatly appreciated here. Also, having Amber on is great since it helps broaden my perspective as a male cyclist/triathlete.

Plus the team’s personality provides some excellent side entertainment that lightens the seriousness of the cast sometimes :rofl:!


I think it takes too long for them to get started. Episode starts, let everyone say hello, then start on topic 1. That would reduce it by atleast 15mins.


Agreed. Other big issues in my life are all this extra money I have but I can’t spend it vacationing, no room to store all of my bikes and my FTP is too high because the extra time I have to train. Life is cruel!

Ohh, and what is this pause button you speak of :man_shrugging:t4:.

Also, did you ever notice there is too much streaming content? I liked the days when you were forced to sit in front of the tv at a specific day or time or you missed out on what you wanted to watch.


In my opinion the quality has gone way up as the podcast ages. I am working my way through the back catalogue and I can say that I much prefer the episodes of the last two years over the hour long episodes from the first 100.
The question selection is better, the production quality has gone way up, and now with amber joining we have a more rounded perspective.


Nah, it’s fine. Most folks watch it ‘on demand’ anyhow so it’s ok.

TR edit the show to break out the good parts anyhow.


Same. Or fast forward a deep dive into something I don’t care about.

I often watch them on my Sunday trainer ride. Seeing I have nowhere to go for at least another month appreciate the longer format.

Keep up the great work TR.

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Agreed. The newer ones are far better than the older ones. They sounded quite stiff.

That said, there is always room for refinement…some more ‘nudging’ to stay on topic sometimes probably wouldnt hurt. But still…very quality podcast, and IMO the quality scale continues to move in the roght dorection, in spite of the time ballooning a bit.


I use podcasts to help me go to to sleep at night. Usually I’m fast asleep with some podcasts within a few minutes. It’s now taking me two hours rather than one to fall asleep when I listen to the TR podcast. So for me yes it is too long :grinning::grinning:


I’m a fan of the longer episodes and really enjoy the deep dive format. I think the back and forth could be tightened up slightly, but so much of what I enjoy is the dynamic between everyone. I particularly enjoy everyone’s good natured rubbing of Nate, his unnatural love of Baxter, and desire to do all the things. And whenever Chad starts talking about the research he had to do on a topic and how it took him down rabbit trails, I get a big grin, hop on the trainer and know that I’m about to learn something fascinating.