πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ The New TrainerRoad Android App is LIVE! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

I wanted to do an outside ride today, so this morning I added an outside workout using the Android App to my calendar. Got ready to ride in early afternoon and the workout still hadn’t been pushed to Garmin. Couldn’t seem to find a β€˜Push to Garmin’ option in the Android App so had to load up the desktop version and Push to Garmin from there. Before I used the desktop app I checked the Garmin Connect App and it didn’t have the outside workout listed on calendar.

Is the Android App capable of pushing outside workouts to Garmin or does this need to be done from the desktop?

I had success setting mine via the website Calendar.

So, really liking the new app. Seems more 2021. I like the simplicity of the wo screen so I’m glad that concept has been kept while still moving into the future. Blue bars FTW :grinning:

One comment I do have though is the color of the β€œhome bar” (not sure what to call it) at the bottom of the screen. It used to be dark, blending in nicely with the rest of the screen. With the updated app it turned light gray. I mirror my phone to a wall mounted monitor and that gray stripe was really screaming at me, and actually took some attention away. Once in the pain zone I don’t really notice, but it really is a visual draw for my eyes.

Running a Samsung S8. Is this within the app (if yes, can it be altered??) or is this a setting in my phone that I can change?

Old screen:

New screen:


Struggled again this morning to connect at first, and then same as before, dropped connection then, once. Then was ok the rest of the work out (Williamson +4). I had to scrub back as it dropped at the start of an interval.

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And then zero issues at all this morning :man_shrugging:


I discovered a handy feature last night when the blue tooth dropped out on my tablet. After prematurely ending and saving the workout I could reopen it and resume where I left off… how cool is that!


Just finished my second workout with the new app. Same thing as last time - I am completely stuck on the finish screen with the summary. No button works. Android back button is also broken. Only option is to use the task manager to close the app.

Android 9 on Xiaomi Mi A1

Edit: it does not happen when I disconnect the Ant USB Stick seconds before finishing the workout.

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I just finished the same workout (Goddard) with no issues at all. Android 11, Pixel 4XL


Am presuming this problem is my connection but tried doing a ramp test this morning and the erg mode wouldn’t adjust the power. When I changed gear to up it myself erg mode would take it down to ten watts below. I’ve had the issue once before where it just kept lowering the power by 10-15 watts below target. Very odd.

Phone is a Huawei P20 or P30 lite. Latest app version.


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Just installed the latest update and the screen still jumps up to the top everytime I press Shuffle on Trainnow. It’s really annoying having to scroll back down each time :rage:

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A few issue for me with the update.

Using Samsung galaxy S7+wattbike atom

-I can’t add an annotation, it’s just keeps saying request failed

-Still no cadence being reported with ant+

-ride graphics in calendar still don’t load properly so I just see a blur

-the app is very slow and laggt, especially when first opening it takes ages to load

-since updating today my week shows no TSS…either scheduled or completed?

I’ve also had 2 issues in erg mode where I suddenly get a huge power spike about 20 mins into the workout. This has never happened before.

Is there anyway we can roll back to an older version. I’m not really enjoying this one.

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Today trainer road randomly closed just before a interval ended, thought I lost everything!!! Opened the app again and it resumed the workout flawlessly! Great job team!


After the latest update this weeks time and TSS both show zero although there are 2 workouts.

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This is exactly as mine also

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My current week shows the TSS/hours pre-scheduled, but not the actual work done. Seems ok for previous weeks though…

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I still have the issue when I refresh the train now workouts for the page to jump up to the top and hide the new options.

That bug is fixed in the newest Android Beta (2021.12.0.92061) but it should be rolling to production today or tomorrow.


Is 2021.14,0.92061 that latest beta version actually released?

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Still waiting for it to appear in Google play

Tanks a lot! It is much batteri now.