Advice on whether to update to the new iOS app and Train Now feature

Hi All

Just looking for some advice on how to move forward with all the recent new developments, as I know the TR community will be a lot more knowledgeable than me!

When the new iOS app was launched I made the decision not to update to the new version due to reports of it being a bit buggy and laggy. I am also wary of updating to new versions of apps and then hating the unfamiliarity! I think I’m still using a 2019 version of TR which has been problem free for years. However, with new features now coming through like Train Now I’m wondering if it is ‘safe’ to make the move. Are there still problems / bugs with the new iOS app. I’ve read through the thread for the new iOS release but things seem quiet over the last few weeks?

If it helps I have a KICKR v2 ( I think!) and use Stages left side only PM with Power Match. This works fine but i can sometimes get some overshoots or undershoots in matching Target Power for 1 min VO2 for example. So, the new version of Power Match is intriguing.

I’m also interested in the Train Now feature. I have no events and don’t use Plan Builder currently. I’ve followed the old legacy SSB I and II LV and am currently in General Build. I tend to do one TR workout per week and 2 unstructured outdoor rides with friends. In bad weather, I swap the outdoor ride for a TR workout. I choose the next one in the plan. This means I complete the plan but it will take several weeks longer. With the new changes in plans and the removal of the old legacy plans it might be time to rethink my approach. I’m wondering whether moving to Train Now may be a good way forward for someone who doesn’t race, has no events but wants some element of structured training to improve fitness for group rides. I also like the workout level idea as this would also help choose appropriate workouts manually if required. Just wondering what folks would do in my position in terms of updating to latest iOS and how to use TR intelligently in my situation for 1 to 2 rides per week. Plan Builder doesn’t really work for me as I just end up deleting / moving rides around all the time.

Thanks for any advice you can give!

I don’t use Power Match, so can’t comment on that. But the new app is great, and I like TrainNow - so go for it and upgrade. There were issues early on with the speed at which the app would sync the workout library down to your phone, but it’s fine now.

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The new iOS app is really a huge step! It is now awesome and fun to use!

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Thanks both! That’s good to hear. I’ll download the new app today and give it a whirl!

I would definitely go for it. Even if you don’t use all the new features much it’s nice to have. Also don’t be worried if your app seems slow for a little after you download it. It happens with every new big release and it’s just the app syncing stuff onto the local version.