Thank you TrainerRoad

Did my first A race of the year on Sunday, IM70.3 South Africa in East London.

Training for the bike done using the TR HIM mid volume plan and it all went according to plan. Thanks TR for the help…couldn’t have done it without you guys!



Well done bud!

Awesome work! Thanks so much for sharing, we’re stoked that we could play a part in your success! :fire:

Sure thing Bryce. I guess I should actually post something on Slowtwitch…giving you guys props on here is preaching to the converted!!


Haha too true :joy:

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Last year while training for the Iron Horse I took a spill in May and suffered a displaced fracture of the upper femur which required surgery. I have been a cyclist my entire adult life and raced a number of years but at the age of 63 many questioned whether I would ever ride again. A friend of mine who is an avid user recommended that I try TrainerRoad. Fitted my stationary bike with Vector 3 pedals and started using the program once I was cleared by my Ortho. I can happily say that after using the program I am even stronger that I was at this time last year. Thank you for giving this senior cyclist a renewed joy of cycling.


Thanks for sharing your story! So great to hear you’re back in the saddle and stronger than ever :fire: :fire:

Great job!