PR! And hopefully more to come

Since starting with TrainerRoad I have had some ftp increases 220 to 257 which is nice but was able to see the results in a race on 5/5/19. I competed in the inaugural 70.3 Virginia and had a distance PR by 23min and bike split PR by 30min catapulting in to the top 100 finishers overall. My goal was to break 5 hours and I came in with a finish time of 4:48:10. Still have some work that I want to do but now my bike split is more respectable and coming in line with the other two disciplines! Could not have done it without the structure and consistency TR provides. I can now set my sights on breaking 4:30! I will be training through out the summer on the trainer the benefits are too apparent to ignore. Thanks to all the folks responsible for such a well executed product and service!


Awesome work @Teagan_Miller! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

Keep it up :muscle:

I’ve been struggling to crack 1200w for a few years. I popped 1447 the other day (for like 16th place against a 12 year old).

:tumbler_glass: to all!

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