Cherry has been Popped! Updated race results from 8/30

Hi all, I am new to trainer road. Have posted a few times on the forum and have done alot of reading. Just started cycling in 2018. Was a high level athlete back in my day, retired from motorcycle racing at an amateur level a few years back due to a growing family and found myself back on 2 wheels on the bicycle.
Literally just recieved my Wahoo Kickr yesterday and is in the box in my garage ready to party when I have time to set it up. Which means I have to purchase my Trainerroad membership this weekend :slight_smile:

So I did my first 2 criterium races 2 weeks ago. I did a Masters 40+ 3-4-5 race. Took 3rd place overall and 1st in Masters 4&5. 2 Men on the top step were Masters 3’s. They had a 2 man break that stuck during the 1st 3rd of the race. The guy leading that charge was apparently a cat 2 mountain biker that is known to be a diesel engine! Anyway I was in the back of the pack to start the race and by the time I had slowly worked my way to the front I didn’t even realize there was a break. Good reason not to be in the back. Field didn’t do anything at the time to bring them back and it was too late.
Kept myself in position and won the field sprint to take 3rd!

45 mins later I did the Cat 5 race and took the win. Didn’t know how my legs would feel, so I just sat in toward the front of the pack. Legs were a little tired starting the race but actually felt better as the race went on. No one was able to get away and again just kept myself in good position and won the field sprint again.

Needless to say it was a good start to my racing career and a ton of fun and alot learned. Having such a good 1st day means it’s only downhill from here :)))


Am I reading this right…you went from off the couch to podium on your first 2 bicycle races?

I am sooo doing this wrong…


Congratulations! I echo the above, if you’re crushing Masters 3 with little experience then either you live in a very small town or you indeed have a bright future ahead of you.

Did you do these crits on your motorbike? :wink:

After a winter of TR structured training, you’re going to be a nightmare to line up against!

I’ve been in this exact position (literally and figuratively). It’s a fabulous learning moment to realize that many riders don’t (or can’t) really want to race, they simply just want to be in the race so they can justify all the other bike stuff they do.

Congrats on the win!! :muscle::boom::trophy:

Thanks Gentleman! First, I live in St. Louis, so not a small town but small city. Second, I would’nt say I went from off the couch LOL! I have done a good job of keeping myself fit by lifting weights and what not. As far as the bike stuff though, ya just started riding 2018, and racing obviously this year for the first time. Doing 2 more races b4 end of season and God willing I’ll plan on doing more next year.

Yes super excited to have my trainer and work with Trainerroad this off season. I am sure I will have a ton of questions and this forum seems fabulous for knowledge and help!!

That’s so awesome. I am doing my first road race (or race at all) in two weeks and I’m hoping to do well like you.

Good Luck Adam!!

Thank you!


Participated in my 3rd race ever yesterday. Gateway Cup here in St. Louis. Our biggest race weekend here of the year.
CAT 4/5 combined, I took 6th out of 75 riders. I was happy with the race overall. Alot of mistakes early on that I can learn from. Some my fault some just not avoidable in a large CAT 4/5 group.
Had a shot to win. 4 Corner crit, was in the lead train heading out of turn 3 about 4 or 5 slot. Right where i wanted to be. 2 riders came up on the inside of our train strongly heading down to turn 4 on to the final straight. I gambled and jumped on that train as I thought they were gonna get the inside line and that would have had me in 3rd position heading into final sprint. Well when I jumped over shortly after the guy leading that charge just pooped out and at that point I knew i was in trouble of being in good position. Had to jump back off that and latch back on to original tow. Hindsight would have been best if I stayed where I was, but learning that this is racing. Some gambles pay off and some backfire. Anyway had to expend more energy to try and get back in good position so ended up about 10th coming on to final straight which was just too much ground to cover at that point. Knew I couldn’t win but gave it my best effort. Sprinted from about 10th to 6th place. Slots 4-7 came across line super tight so I almost slotted in 4th. podium guys were just a few bike lengths in front of us and we were closing.
Was a great and fun race! All in all very happy with result in such a big field. I think knowing I was competitive and had a shot to win if the dice would have rolled a little better for me, it’s hard to ask for more.


UPDATE! I took 1st place in Cat 5!!
Only 2 Cat 5 racers in the top 20.